Xortec GmbH’s Acquisition of Videosystems Sicherungstechnik Vertriebs GmbH

Schalast advised Xortec GmbH on the deal, while SNP Schlawien advised Videosystems GmbH.

 Xortec GmbH announced the add-on acquisition of Videosystems Sicherungstechnik Vertriebs GmbH.

As a result of the acquisition, Xortec strengthens its position as distributor and provider of sound advice regarding video-surveillance solutions and safety technology. The acquisi-tion of all shares is not so much a takeover as a consolidation of the cooperation between the two companies, which is why the business operations of VSV shall continue un-changed. Xortec in this transaction was comprehensively supported in the drafting and negotiations of the relevant agreements.

Xortec is a leading value-added distributor of integrated video surveillance and data com-munication solutions. The focus of Xortec lies in the distribution of such professional equipment and a broad, accompanying range of services.

Videosystems Sicherungstechnik GmbH offers a wide range of high-quality video-surveillance and safety technology solutions of renowned producers as well as in this con-text extensive advise-, project-, training- and support services.

The Schalast team included Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast (Partner, Lead/Picture), Sven Bösing.

The SNP Schlawien team included Dr. Stefan Schlawien, Dr. Philipp Schlawien.

Involved fees earner: Sven Bösing – Schalast & Partner; Christoph Schalast – Schalast & Partner; Stefan Schlawien – SNP Schlawien; Philipp Schlawien – SNP Schlawien;

Law Firms: Schalast & Partner; SNP Schlawien;

Clients: Videosystems Sicherungstechnik GmbH; XORTEC GmbH;

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler