Woodward Inc.’s €700 Million Acquisition of L’ Orange

Hogan Lovells has advised Woodward Inc. on the acquisition of German L’ Orange GmbH from the Rolls-Royce group.

Woodward will also acquire L’Orange’s operations in the US and China.

With approximately 1,000 employees based mostly in Germany, but also in the U.S. and China L’Orange’s 2017 pro forma sales were € 244 million. L’Orange is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fuel injection systems for industrial diesel, heavy fuel oil and dual-fuel engines. L’ Orange will continue to serve MTU Friedrichshafen and other subsidiaries of the Rolls-Royce group with fuel injection technologies for certain diesel engines. The transaction value is about EUR 700m.

Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, US, Woodward, led by Thomas A Gendron, Robert F Weber Jr and Sagar A Patel, reported 2017 sales of approximately USD 2.1 billion and has about 7,400 employees in 14 countries around the globe. With the acquisition of L’Orange Woodward will become one of the leading technology providers of engine control systems for industrial engines.

Hogan Lovells has advised Woodward in the structuring, the negotiations and implementations of the transaction.

Hogan Lovells advised Woodward with a team including Volker Geyrhalter (Picture, Lead, Corporate/M&A), Falk Loose (Counsel, Tax), Cornelius Naumann (Senior Associate, Corporate/M&A), Patrick Ayad (Partner, Commercial), Florian Unseld (Partner, Commercial), Christoph Wünschmann (Partner, Antitrust), Ingmar Dörr (Partner, Tax), Andreas Eggert (Senior Associate, Tax), Thomas Frank (Senior Associate, Pensions), Martin Günther (Partner, Real Estate), Johanna Brock-Wenzek (Senior Associate, Antitrust), Matthias Schlau (Associate, Antitrust), Jörg Herwig (Partner, Lead, Corporate/M&A), Simon Theis (Associate, Corporate/M&A), Sophie Ulrich (Associate, Corporate/M&A), Kerstin Neighbour (Partner, Employment), Sabrina Gäbeler (Senior Associate, Employment), Fugui Tan (Projects Associate, Banking and Finance), Eva-Maria Patt (Senior Associate, Real Estate), Thomas Salomon (Partner, Commercial, Hamburg), Falk Schöning (Partner, Antitrust), David Dauchez (Associate, Antitrust), Mark Jones (Partner, Antitrust), Christopher Peacock (Associate, Antitrust), Myrto Tagara (Associate, Antitrust), Mark A. Kurtenbach (Partner, Lead, Corporate/M&A), Sandra M. Harris, Christopher W. Weigand (Senior Associates, Corporate/M&A), Jeremy R. Gibb (Associate, Corporte, Denver), Scott H. Reisch (Partner, Environmental, Denver), Christine K. Lane (Partner, Tax), Caitlin R. Piper (Associate, Tax, Washington), Roberta Chang (Partner, Tax), Viola Shen (Associate, Tax) and Shengzhe Wang (Counsel, Finance).

DLA Piper has advised Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG with a team including Benjamin Parameswaran also included partner Dr Daniel Weiß, counsel Sebastian Decker (all Corporate/M&A, Hamburg) and senior associate Olga Blaszcyk (Commercial, Munich). The team also comprised partners Dr Thilo von Bodungen (Commercial, Munich), Dr Kai Bodenstedt (Employment, Hamburg), Dr Konrad Rohde (Tax, Frankfurt), Dr Jan Joachim Dreyer (Antitrust) and Dr Andreas Meyer-Landrut (Corporate, both Cologne), counsel Dr Isaschar Nicolaysen (Corporate/M&A, Hamburg), Sebastian Kost (Tax, Munich), Dr Annemarie Bloß (IPT), Dr Henriette Norda (Employment, both Hamburg), Dr Enno Ahlenstiel, Dr Thilo Streit (both Litigation & Regulatory, Cologne) and Bernd Siebers (IPT, Munich), senior associates Katharina Minski (Corporate/M&A, Hamburg) and Dr Constanze Krenz (IPT, both Munich) as well as associates Sophie von Mandelsloh, Diedrich Schröder (both Corporate/M&A), Nils Grunicke (Employment, all Hamburg), Dr Berit Geuenich-Schmitt (Litigation & Regulatory) and Hubertus Neu (Corporate, both Cologne). From the international DLA Piper offices were also involved Alexandra Kamerling (partner), Martin Strom (associate, both Litigation & Regulatory), Andrew Weil (partner, Corporate, Chicago) and Peng Tao (Legal Consultant, Tax, Hongkong).

Involved fees earner: Volker Geyrhalter – Hogan Lovells; Cornelius Naumann – Hogan Lovells; Hanns Jörg Herwig – Hogan Lovells; Simon Theis – Hogan Lovells; Sophie Ulrich – Hogan Lovells; Mark Kurtenbach – Hogan Lovells; Sandra Harris – Hogan Lovells; Christopher Weigand – Hogan Lovells; Jeremy Gibb – Hogan Lovells; Falk Loose – Hogan Lovells; Ingmar Dorr – Hogan Lovells; Andreas Eggert – Hogan Lovells; Christine K. Lane – Hogan Lovells; Caitlin Piper – Hogan Lovells; Roberta Chang – Hogan Lovells; Viola Shen – Hogan Lovells; Patrick Ayad – Hogan Lovells; Florian Unseld – Hogan Lovells; Thomas Salomon – Hogan Lovells; Christoph Wünschmann – Hogan Lovells; Johanna Brock-Wenzek – Hogan Lovells; Matthias Schlau – Hogan Lovells; Falk Schöning – Hogan Lovells; David Dauchez – Hogan Lovells; Mark Jones – Hogan Lovells; Christopher Peacock – Hogan Lovells; Myrto Tagara – Hogan Lovells; Thomas Frank – Hogan Lovells; Kerstin Neighbour – Hogan Lovells; Sabrina Gäbeler – Hogan Lovells; Fugui Tan – Hogan Lovells; Shengzhe Wang – Hogan Lovells; Eva-Maria Patt – Hogan Lovells; Martin Günther – Hogan Lovells; Scott Reisch – Hogan Lovells; Benjamin Parameswaran – DLA Piper; Daniel Weiß – DLA Piper; Sebastian Decker – DLA Piper; Andreas Meyer-Landrut – DLA Piper; Isaschar Nicolaysen – DLA Piper; Katharina Minski – DLA Piper; Sophie von Mandelsloh – DLA Piper; Diedrich Schröder – DLA Piper; Hubertus Neu – DLA Piper; Andrew Weil – DLA Piper; Olga Blaszcyk – DLA Piper; Thilo von Bodungen – DLA Piper; Kai Bodenstedt – DLA Piper; Henriette Norda – DLA Piper; Konrad Rohde – DLA Piper; Sebastian Kost – DLA Piper; Peng Tao – DLA Piper; Jan Joachim Dreyer – DLA Piper; Enno Ahlenstiel – DLA Piper; Alexandra Kamerling – DLA Piper; Thilo Streit – DLA Piper; Berit Geuenich-Schmitt – DLA Piper; Martin Strom – DLA Piper; Bernd Siebers – DLA Piper; Constanze Krenz – DLA Piper;

Law Firms: Hogan Lovells; DLA Piper;

Clients: Woodward, Inc.; Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG;