WMS’ Investment in Radeberger Fleisch- und Wurstwaren Korch GmbH

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek advised managing shareholder Felix Alber of Radeberger Fleisch- und Wurstwaren Korch GmbH. Gruendelpartner advised WMS Wachstumsfonds Mittelstand Sachsen.

The managing shareholder Felix Alber announced the sale of shares in Radeberger Fleisch- und Wurstwaren Korch GmbH to WMS Wachstumsfonds Mittelstand Sachsen (Leipzig). Felix Alber will remain majority shareholder and continue to be responsible for the operational business.

In 2018, Felix Alber assumed the shares jointly with SIB Innovations- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH – the investment company of Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden – as part of a company succession due to age. Since then, Radeberger Fleisch- und Wurstwaren Korch GmbH has enjoyed a successful development. In recent years, the company has been able to dynamically pursue and benefit from the market trends for regional production and high-quality products. This strategy is set to be continued together with WMS in the coming years.

Founded in 1991 as Fleischerei Georg Korch, Radeberger Fleisch- und Wurstwaren Korch GmbH today stands for high-quality premium products in the meat and sausage segment. More than 400 employees generate sales of about EUR 50 million in food retailing and the company’s own 21 branches, most of which are located in Saxony.

WMS is an initiative of the Free State of Saxony and regional credit institutions and has supported more than 30 Saxon companies in implementing their growth strategies since 2005. In 2020, another EUR 85 million were raised in the fund’s third generation.

The Heuking team was led by Dr. Rainer Herschlein (Picture), with Charlotte Schmitt.

The Gruendelpartner team included Dr. Mirko Gründel (Lead, Corporate), Dr. Franziska Ockert (Co-Lead, Corporate, M&A), Jakob Ritter (Corporate, M&A) Stephan Schuldt (IT/Data Protection) and Nathalie Rieß (Employment Law).

Involved fees earner: Steffen Fritzsche – Gruendelpartner; Ramona Luckner – Gruendelpartner; Franziska Ockert – Gruendelpartner; Steffen Tietze – Gruendelpartner; Rainer Herschlein – Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek; Charlotte Schmitt – Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek;

Law Firms: Gruendelpartner; Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek;

Clients: Felix Alber; WMS Wachstumsfonds Mittelstand Sachsen;

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler