Webhelp’s Acquisition of OneLink

Latham & Watkins, Linklaters, Arias Gonzalez Calvillo and Posse Herrera Ruiz represented Webhelp, while Greenberg Traurig represented One Equity Partners in the transaction.

Webhelp executed the acquisition of Onelink Holdings, a company focused on digitally enabled customer experience CX, BPO, CRM, automation and other technology services to leading North American and Latin American businesses. Onelink operates 17 call centers through a network of over 14,000 agents.

Following the acquisition, which is subject to approval of the relevant regulatory authorities, Webhelp will have revenues in excess of USD $2.4b, with 190 locations across 55 countries and more than 90,000 employees globally.

The Latham & Watkins team was led by partners Alexander Crosthwaite, supported by Xavier Nassoy and Alexandre Magnier, and Antonio Del Pino, supported by Serena Shi, Costanza Garcia Laposse and Joao Assuncao. The team also included Rene de Vera, Jennifer Pepin, Jeffrey Tochner, Pelin Serpin, Jason Cruise, Sebastian Hauser, and Alisia Haber.

The Posse Herrera Ruiz team included Jaime Cubillos Porto and Jorge de los Ríos, Christian Díaz, Laura Aristizábal, Alejandro Ávila, and Luis Carlos Sáchica (Antritrust).

The Linklaters team was led by Leveraged Finance Partner Thomas Waller and supported by Managing Associates Shayan Hasan and Ilya Andalashvili, as well as by the firm’s banking and finance teams in France, Luxembourg, Spain and the USA.

Arias advised Webhelp with Ana Mercedes López, Rafael Burgos, Mariela Funes de Sura, Luis Pedro Del Valle, Rosa María Arenales, Jorge Ordóñez, María Elena Barrientos, Evangelina Lardizábal, José Antonio Montes, Claudia Midence, Ana Teresa Rizo, María Cristina Fábrega de Duque, Ivania Paguaga Cuadra,  Maryeling Guevara and Ricardo Rocha.

In Mexico, Gonzalez Calvillo advised Webhelp with José Víctor Torres Gómez, Luis Mancera de Arrigunaga, Juan Carlos Peraza López, Lucía Fernández González, Luis Enrique Cervantes, Rosa Elena Coto García, Cecilia Sarabia, Emilio A, Hugues Rodríguez, María Paula Boustani, María de las Nieves, Fernando De Buen and Andrea Linke.

Greenberg Traurig advised OneLink Holdings and One Equity Partners with Yosbel A. Ibarra, Carol Barnhart, Brian Witkowski, L. Frank Cordero, Joseph J. Mamounas, Angelika Hunnefeld and  Manuel R. Valcarcel IV, Alex Capelli and David Pernas.

Involved fees earner: Rosa María Arenales – Arias ; Maria Elena Barrientos – Arias ; Rafael Burgos – Arias ; Luis Pedro Del Valle – Arias ; Maria Cristina Fábrega de Duque – Arias ; Mariela Funes – Arias ; Maryeling Guevara – Arias ; Evangelina Lardizábal – Arias ; Ana Mercedes López – Arias ; Claudia Midence – Arias ; Antonio Montes Rittenhouse – Arias ; Jorge Ordoñez – Arias ; Ivania Paguaga – Arias ; Ana Teresa Rizo – Arias ; Ricardo Rocha – Arias ; María Paula Boustani – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Luis Enrique Cervantes – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Rosa Elena Coto García – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Fernando De Buen Ramírez – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Lucía Fernández González – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Emilio Hugues – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; José Víctor Torres – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Andrea Linke – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Luis Mancera – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Juan Carlos Peraza López – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Carol Barnhart – Greenberg Traurig LLP; Alex Capelli – Greenberg Traurig LLP; Frank Cordero – Greenberg Traurig LLP; Angelika Hunnefeld – Greenberg Traurig LLP; Yosbel Ibarra – Greenberg Traurig LLP; Joseph Mamounas – Greenberg Traurig LLP; Manuel Valcarcel – Greenberg Traurig LLP; Brian Witkowski – Greenberg Traurig LLP; João Assunção – Latham & Watkins; Alexander Crosthwaite – Latham & Watkins; Jason Cruise – Latham & Watkins; Enrique Rene de Vera – Latham & Watkins; Antonio Del Pino – Latham & Watkins; Alisia Maria Haber – Latham & Watkins; Sebastian Max Hauser – Latham & Watkins; Alexandre Magnier – Latham & Watkins; Xavier Nassoy – Latham & Watkins; Jennifer Pepin – Latham & Watkins; Pelin Serpin – Latham & Watkins; Serena Shie – Latham & Watkins; Jeffrey Tochner – Latham & Watkins; Ilya Andalashvili – Linklaters; Shayan Hasan – Linklaters; Thomas Waller – Linklaters; Laura Aristizábal – Posse Herrera Ruiz; Jaime Cubillos – Posse Herrera Ruiz; Jorge De Los Ri?os – Posse Herrera Ruiz; Christian Diaz – Posse Herrera Ruiz; Luis Carlos Sáchica Velásquez – Posse Herrera Ruiz;

Law Firms: Arias ; Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Greenberg Traurig LLP; Latham & Watkins; Linklaters; Posse Herrera Ruiz;

Clients: One Equity Partners; OneLink Holdings SA; Webhelp SAS;

Naoual Sadouqi

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