Wang’s Tax Case

The ZhongYin Law Firm represented Wang XX in the case.

Zhang XX, Wang X, and Wang XX are suspected of issuing false special VAT invoices, and jointly committing the crime. In the absence of actual business transactions, by forging contracts and other means, they issued or purchased special VAT invoices, totalled a tax-inclusive amount of more than RMB 30 million yuan. 

The court fully adopted all the defensive arguments of the defense lawyers and sentenced Wang XX to 18-month imprisonment, with 2-year probation; however, the co-defendant Zhang XX was sentenced to 6-year imprisonment, and the co-defendant Wang X was sentenced to 10-year imprisonment.

The ZhongYin team was led by Li Jing and Liu Xiaoliang.

Involved fees earner: Jing Li – Zhong Yin Law Firm; Xiaoliang Liu – Zhong Yin Law Firm;

Law Firms: Zhong Yin Law Firm;

Clients: Wang XX;

Sonia Carcano

Author: Sonia Carcano