Vulcan Capital and Freedom Financial Network’s Joint Acquisition of Crédito Real’s Interest in Resuelve tu Deuda (RTD)

Garrigues, Gonzalez Calvillo, SMPS Legal, Cárdenas Ortiz Monasterio and Mayer Brown advised on the transaction

Vulcan Capital and Freedom Financial Network executed the Joint Acquisition of Crédito Real’s Interest in Resuelve tu Deuda (RTD)

RTD was founded in 2009 by two Stanford MBA entrepreneurs as a credit repair company aiming to support diverse financial needs of the underserved Mexican market through technology. As a debt settlement company, RTD helps indebted clients to pay overdue debts through a monthly savings plan designed according to their financial capabilities. Additionally, the company negotiates with the banks to obtain a significant reduction on the debt. With a solid client base, RTD has managed to expand to five product lines. It has been growing at double digit rates since its inception, and currently has presence in Latin America and Europe, with more than 1,000 employees, serving over 120,000 clients. RTD is recognized as one of the best financial technology companies in Mexico.

Garrigues advised Vulcan Capital and Freedom Financial with Gabriela Pérez Sierra, Carlos Eduardo Gómez, Mónica Guaida, Víctor Chiquero Mielgo, Beatriz Gimeno, Andrés Ordoñez Rizo and Mateo Benjumea.

Gonzalez Calvillo advised Resuelve Tu Deuda S.A. de C.V. with José Ignacio Rivero Andere, Jacinto Avalos Capín, Alfonso García de la Torre, Rosa Elena Coto García, Raúl Paniahua Reyes, Rodrigo Poumian González and Alonso Mirón Granados.

SMPS Legal advised Crédito Real S.A.B. de C.V. Sofom ER with Juan Pablo Visoso, Javier Palacios and Rebeca Gaytán.

Cárdenas Ortiz Monasterio advised DILA Capital III, L.P. with Andrés Cárdenas Ortiz Monasterio.

Mayer Brown advised Alloy Financial Services with Raúl Fernández Briseño, Aldo A. Jáuregui and Héctor Guerrero Gorordo.

Involved fees earner: Andrés Cárdenas Ortiz Monasterio – Cárdenas Ortiz Monasterio; Mateo Benjumea – Garrigues; Víctor Chiquero Mielgo – Garrigues; Beatriz Gimeno Vilarrasa – Garrigues; Andrés Ordóñez Rizo – Garrigues; Gabriela Pérez Sierra – Garrigues; Jacinto Avalos Capín – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Rosa Elena Coto García – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Alfonso García de la Torre – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Alonso Mirón Granados – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Raúl Paniahua Reyes – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Rodrigo Poumian González – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; José Ignacio Rivero Andere – Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Raúl Fernández-Briseño – Mayer Brown; Aldo Jáuregui – Mayer Brown; Carlos Eduardo Gómez – Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes, S.C.; Javier Palacios Maya – SMPS Legal ; Juan Pablo Visoso – SMPS Legal ;

Law Firms: Cárdenas Ortiz Monasterio; Garrigues; Gonzalez Calvillo Abogados; Mayer Brown; Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes, S.C.; SMPS Legal ;

Clients: Alloy Financial Services; Credito Real, S.A.B. de C.V.; DILA Capital; Freedom Financial group Inc. ; Resuelve Tu Deuda; Vulcan Capital Management;


Author: Ambrogio Visconti.