Uni.co Group network’s Acquisition of 100% Interest in Puket-intimate fashion company

Chediak Advogados, Zerbini Martins and LO Baptista advised on the deal

Administrative Council for economic Defense (Cade) approved the acquisition of Puket-intimate fashion company by Uni.co Group network.

Uni.co Group network – the owner of the Imaginarium – acquired 100% of the shares in the brazilian company managing 160 stores in Brazil and 12 abroad.

Puket was controlled by Grupo Dobrevê, owner of Malwee, which bought 70% of Phuket in 2013.

The Puket will keep your independent operation, however, there may be some synergies. Together, the Imaginarium and Phuket have estimated revenue for this year of $480 million and $522 million R R in 2018.

Chediak advised Uni.co Group network with Daniel de Avila Vio (Picture), Caio Machado Filho, Fernanda Akiyo Mitsuya, Victor Brum Reis and Pedro Brigagão.

Zerbini Martins Advogados advised Malwee Group with Diana Zerbini de Carvalho Martins.

LO Baptista Advogados advised Malwee Group with Daniela Zaitz, Patricia Agra, Fernanda Domingues Pereira, Roberta Thompson and Fernanda Dalla Valle Martino.

Involved fees earner: Daniela Zaitz – LO Baptista Advogados; Fernanda Domingues Pereira – LO Baptista Advogados; Roberta Leme Thompson – LO Baptista Advogados; Patricia Agra Araujo – LO Baptista Advogados; Fernanda Dalla Valle Martino – LO Baptista Advogados; Daniel de Avila Vio – Chediak Advogados; Caio Machado Filho – Chediak Advogados; Fernanda Akiyo Mitsuya – Chediak Advogados; Victor Brum Reis – Chediak Advogados; Pedro Henrique Castello Brigagão – Chediak Advogados;

Law Firms: LO Baptista Advogados; Chediak Advogados;

Clients: Imaginarium Comércio de Presentes e Decorações S.A.; Grupo Dobrevê;


Author: Ambrogio Visconti.