UBM Development AG’s Acquisition of Bogner’s Headquarters in St.-Veit-Straße 4 in Munich

honert + partner, Wagensonner Rechtsanwälte and SGP Schneider Geiwitz advised Willy Bogner GmbH & Co. KGaA on the deal, while GSK Stockmann advised UBM Development AG.

Willy Bogner GmbH & Co. KGaA announced the sale of the real estate of its company headquarters in St.-Veit-Straße 4 in Munich. The company headquarters were sold for EUR 55 million to the listed real estate developer UBM Development AG.

Following a structured bidding process, the parties signed the purchase agreement on 29 January 2021. The transaction is still subject to the two-month pre-emption right of the City of Munich existing for such property transactions.

Willy Bogner will continue to use the property and lease it for at least two more years. Subsequently, UBM plans to develop a residential building on the site. During this period, the company will look for a new location for its corporate headquarters in Munich. As a traditional Munich based company, Bogner intends to continue to hold on to Munich as its headquarters in the future.

The sale of the approximately 12,000-square-meter property, including existing buildings, is part of the performance program presented in July 2020, which is intended to reduce Bogner’s complexity and better position the company structurally in the long term. In addition, the sale of the property is part of a financing agreement that Bogner has concluded with various banks to secure the company’s financial stability in the coming years.

Willy Bogner GmbH & Co KG Auf Aktien manufactures fashionable skiwear and sportswear for men, women, kids, boys, and girls. The Company offers jackets, coats, vests, sweaters, shirts, pants, accessories, sport ski clothing, apres sport clothing, sport golf clothing, fire and ice active wear clothing, and helmets.

UBM Development AG provides real estate development and construction services. The Company constructs and manages hotels, commercial, office buildings, and urban housing projects.

The Honert team included Dr. Jochen Neumayer and Prof. Dr. Thomas Grädler (Picture).

The Wagensonner Rechtsanwälte was led by Dr. Andreas Helm.

The SGP Schneider Geiwitz was headed by Oliver Brückner.

The inhouse at Bogner included Gerrit Schneider, Juliane Drerup-Hero and Frank Wiesner.

The GSK Stockmann team was led by Olaf Schmechel and included Mark Butt, Stefan Koser, Rebecca Comtesse,  Çaglayan Birkan and Stefan Frick.

Involved fees earner: Stefan Frick – GÖRG Partners; Ça?layan Birkan – Gsk Stockmann; Mark Butt – Gsk Stockmann; Rebecca Comtesse – Gsk Stockmann; Stefan Koser – Gsk Stockmann; Olaf Schmechel – Gsk Stockmann; Thomas Grädler – Honert + Partner; Jochen Neumayer – Honert + Partner; Oliver Brückner – SGP Schneider Geiwitz & Partner; Andreas Helm – Wagensonner Rechtsanwälte;

Law Firms: GÖRG Partners; Gsk Stockmann; Honert + Partner; SGP Schneider Geiwitz & Partner; Wagensonner Rechtsanwälte;

Clients: UBM Development AG; Willy Bogner GmbH & Co. KGaA;