Tropicália Transmissora de Energia S.A.’s $76.1 Million Loan

Mundie Advogados advised on the transaction

Mundie Advogados advised Tropicália Transmissora de Energia S.A. securing a $76.1 credit facility from Banco del Noreste de Brasil (BNB) to develop a transmission line in Bahía Estate.

Tropicália Transmissora de Energia S.A. holds a concession of public service of electric power transmission, as a result of winning the No. 1 Lot of Auction No. 13/2015 – ANEEL – 2nd Stage, whose public session was held on October 2016.

On Feb. 10, 2017, the company signed the Concession Contract No. 01/2017-ANEEL, by means of which it undertook the responsibility to implement the Transmission Line at 500kV, first circuit, approximately 245 km long, with operating capacity of 2890 A for long duration and 4000 A for short duration, originating at the Sapeaçu substation and ending at the Poções III substation, where extensions are also required, as per Appendix 6-1 to the Tender Document for Auction No. 13/2015-ANEEL – Second Stage.

During implementation, the cities of Sapeaçu, Castro Alves, Conceição do Almeida, Varzedo, São Miguel das Matas, Amargosa, Laje, Jiquiriçá, Ubaíra, Cravolândia, Itaquara, Jaguaquara, Mutuípe, Jequié, Manoel Vitorino, Boa Nova, and Poções will be crossed, all of them in the State of Bahia.

After implemented and when operational, the Project shall work as an outflow from of the electric power generated by the new wind farm projects located at the Brazilian Northeast region which, in turn, will mitigate the risk of electric power deficit in the Southeast region of the country. Its transmission capacity under normal operation will be 2,503 MVA, which means that this Project alone could easily transmit the energy from all wind farms under operation in Bahia at full load (base August/17).

Although the Company’s contractual obligation to be on commercial operation is only due an 09/02/2022, it is estimated that this could be brought forward to August 2020.

The importance the Transmission Line (TL) 500 kV Sapeaçu-Poções III is emphasized, as per the Minutes of the 169th Meeting of the Electric System Monitoring Committee (CMSE) dated as of June 01, 2016, as a fundamental Project to ensure SIN (National Interconnected System’s) electroenergetic supply continuity and safety.

Mundie Advogados advised Tropicália with a team including José Carlos Altomari (Picture).

Involved fees earner: José Carlos Altomari Teixeira – Mundie e Advogados;

Law Firms: Mundie e Advogados;

Clients: Tropicália Transmissora de Energia S.A.;

Author: Ambrogio Visconti.