Triton’s Investment in Bergman Clinics

ARQIS advised investment firm Triton on the agreement, while Delphi has advised Bergman Clinics.

Triton has invested in Netherlands-based Bergman Clinics, a portfolio company of NPM Capital.

This investment will be in partnership with the current shareholders consisting of the Malenstein family and NPM Capital. The agreement is subject to the completion of the consultation process with Bergman Clinics’ works council and customary regulatory approvals.

Bergman Clinics is a leading specialist for treatments in the field of orthopedics, ophthalmology, gynecology, aesthetic medicine, cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology, and vascular medicine. Bergman Clinics grew its network of clinics through an active acquisition strategy and currently owns 140 focus clinics. More than 3,000 employees and more than 250 specialists work at Bergman Clinics.

The investment by Triton will help Bergman Clinics to further expand its geographical footprint, and creates room to invest in technological innovation, digitization and training. Both clients and employees can benefit directly from this.

The Triton funds invest in and support the positive development of medium-sized businesses primarily in German-speaking countries, the Nordic countries, the Benelux region, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. The 46 companies currently in Triton’s portfolio have combined sales of around 18.2 billion euros and around 100,800 employees.

The ARQIS team was led by Dr. Jörn-Christian Schulze (Picture) and further included Dr. Lars Laeger, Dr. Ulrich Lienhard, Tobias Neufeld, Marcus Nothhelfer, Thomas Chwalek, Saskia Kirschbaum, Tanja Kurtzer, Jonathan Boeckmann, Jennifer Huschauer, Maik Hedderich, Thi Kieu Chinh Nguyen, Martin Weingärtner, Eva Kraszkiewicz, Juliane Lewen, Waldemar Rembold, Nora Meyer-Stratmann and Rolf Tichy.

The Delphi team was led by Fredrik Mörner and Hannah Gröndahl, with main support from Emmy Falck, Fredrik Nykvist, Berndt Pettersson, Linn Strömberg, Therese Virgin and Erik Ålander, with support from several other specialists.

Involved fees earner: Jonathan Boeckmann – Arqis; Thomas Chwalek – Arqis; Maik Hedderich – Arqis; Jennifer Huschauer – Arqis; Saskia Kirschbaum – Arqis; Eva Kraszkiewicz – Arqis; Tanja Kurtzer – Arqis; Lars Laeger – Arqis; Juliane Lewen – Arqis; Ulrich Lienhard – Arqis; Nora Meyer-Stratmann – Arqis; Tobias Neufeld – Arqis; Thi Kieu Chinh Nguyen – Arqis; Marcus Nothhelfer – Arqis; Waldemar Rembold – Arqis; Jörn-Christian Schulze – Arqis; Rolf Tichy – Arqis; Martin Weingärtner – Arqis; Erik Ålander – Delphi Advokatfirman; Emmy Falck – Delphi Advokatfirman; Hannah Gröndahl – Delphi Advokatfirman; Fredrik Mörner – Delphi Advokatfirman; Fredrik Nykvist – Delphi Advokatfirman; Berndt Pettersson – Delphi Advokatfirman; Linn Strömberg – Delphi Advokatfirman; Therese Virgin – Delphi Advokatfirman;

Law Firms: Arqis; Delphi Advokatfirman;

Clients: Bergman Clinics; Triton Partners;

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler