Thaler v. Comptroller General

Allens has advised Dr Stephen Thaler on the successful appeal in which a court has ruled – for the first time in the world – that artificial intelligence (AI) systems can be named as inventors of a patent.

South Africa has become the first country to award a patent that names an artificial intelligence as its inventor and the AI’s owner as the patent’s owner.

Dr Thaler is the inventor of the Device for Autonomous Bootstrapping of Unified Sentience (DABUS), an AI system which has envisioned inventions entirely of its own accord.

The Allens’ Intellectual Property team comprised of Richard Hamer (Picture, Partner), Ian Lindsay (Partner), Lauren John (Managing Associate). 



Involved fees earner: Richard Hamer – Allens; Lauren John – Allens; Ian Lindsay – Allens;

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Author: Sonia Carcano