Telefónica’s Acquisition of DirecTV

Brigard Urrutia advised Telefonica on the deal.
Garrigues advised DirecTV

Telefónica Movistar – through Colombia Telecomunicaciones S.A. E.S.P. –  and DirecTV reached an agreement that allows Movistar to acquire and take over the operation of DirecTV’s Internet services in the country.

Movistar will take over the Internet business that DirecTV has been operating in Colombia since 2014, including the network infrastructure and the spectrum that supports the service. 

Brigard Urrutia advised Colombia Telecomunicaciones S.A. E.S.P. (ColTel) with Darío Laguado Giraldo (Picture), Daniel Moncaleano Duque, Catalina Manga and María Márquez Montoya.

Garrigues advised DirecTV Colombia Ltda. with Andrés Ordoñez Rizo, Cristina Copete Herrera, Juan Sebastián Parra Cerón, Natalia Serrano,  Alejandro Acevedo and Melissa Castro.

Involved fees earner: Darío Laguado Giraldo – Brigard & Urrutia; Catalina Manga Congote – Brigard & Urrutia; María Marquez Montoya – Brigard & Urrutia; Daniel Moncaleano Duque – Brigard & Urrutia; Alejandro Acevedo Escallón – Garrigues; J. Melissa Castro Rojas – Garrigues; Cristina Copete Herrera – Garrigues; Andrés Ordóñez Rizo – Garrigues; Juan Sebastian Parra – Garrigues; Natalia Serrano Rey – Garrigues;

Law Firms: Brigard & Urrutia; Garrigues;

Clients: Colombia Telecomunicaciones ; DirecTV;