Ta-Ta’s $45 Million Loan

Clifford Chance and Ferrere advised IDB Invest on the transaction

Ta-Ta secured an IDB Invest’s financing for an amount in Uruguayan pesos equivalent to up to $50 million.

Proceeds will be used to partially finance the company’s capital investments between 2020 and 2025.

The project will allow the Ta-Ta to increase the volume of operations with its suppliers, many of which are SMEs.

Ta-Ta’s philosophy is to develop local suppliers for different categories of its own brands. Support for this chain contribute to the following SDGs: (i) decent work and economic growth; (ii) industry, innovation and infrastructure; and (iii) responsible consumption and production.

In US, Clifford Chance advised BID Invest with  Jessica Springsteen, Catherine McCarthy,  Greg Jehle, Liz Wangu and Rossmery Romero Pariachi.

In Uruguay Ferrere advised IDB Invest with Manuel Lecuona (Picture), Sebastián Ramos Olano, Isabel Laventure,  Martín Pesce Cutri, Alejandra García Bizzozero, Cecilia Alberti, Giselle Cardoso, Carolina Piacenza, María Clara Porro, Ana Laura Oliveros, Stella Weng,  Lucía Rosso, Macarena Saavedra Xifre,  Sofía Vidal Ferreiro and Micaela Clavijo Hornes.

Involved fees earner: Greg Jehle – Clifford Chance; Catherine McCarthy – Clifford Chance; Rossmery Romero Pariachi – Clifford Chance; Jessica Springsteen – Clifford Chance; Liz Wangu – Clifford Chance; Cecilia Alberti – Ferrere Attorneys; Giselle Cardoso Ottonello – Ferrere Attorneys; Alejandra García – Ferrere Attorneys; Isabel Laventure – Ferrere Attorneys; Manuel Lecuona – Ferrere Attorneys; Laura Oliveros – Ferrere Attorneys; Martín Pesce Cutri – Ferrere Attorneys; Carolina Piacenza – Ferrere Attorneys; Clara Porro – Ferrere Attorneys; Sebastián Ramos – Ferrere Attorneys; Lucía Rosso – Ferrere Attorneys; Sofía Vidal Ferreiro – Ferrere Attorneys; Stella Weng – Ferrere Attorneys;

Law Firms: Clifford Chance; Ferrere Attorneys;

Clients: IDB Invest;