Suzhou TZTEK Technology Co’s Acquisition of All Shares in MueTec

Suzhou TZTEK Technology Co's Acquisition of All Shares in MueTec

P+P Pöllath + Partners advised DEWB AG, while Beiten Burkhardt advised Suzhou TZTEK Technology Co Ltd.

Suzhou TZTEK Technology Co Ltd (“TZTEK”) announced the acquisition of all shares in MueTec Automatisierte Mikroskopie und Meßtechnik GmbH (“MueTec”) which was completed in several steps.

The complete takeover was subject to the issuance of a clearance certificate by the German Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWi). The focus of the advice in the last step was thus on questions of investment control under the German Foreign Trade and Payments Ordinance (Außenwirtschaftsverordnung).

TZTEK is an internationally active, listed technology group with a focus on machine vision and industrial digitalisation, based in Suzhou, People’s Republic of China. The acquisition was effected via its subsidiary SLSS Europe GmbH, based in Munich (“SLSS”). The sellers are the majority shareholder, Deutsche Effecten- und Wechselbeteiligungsgesellschaft AG (“DEWB”) and the private entrepreneur Ralph Detert.

In a first step, SLSS has acquired a minority stake of 24.9 percent in MueTec. The now completed increase to 100 percent was planned from the outset, the prerequisite for which was the receipt of a clearance certificate from the BMWi

DEWB AG is a listed private equity firm that focuses its investments on asset management and business models that are critical to the digitalization of the economic sector. DEWB AG has an almost 200-year history and has invested 390 million Euros in 60 companies in the last 20 years; with 50 exits, including nine IPOs, it has realized more than 500 million Euros.

MueTec is an innovative provider of automated inspection solutions for quality control for semiconductor production and has received global recognition for contracts from large semiconductor manufacturers and notable tech companies. The company has locations in Munich and Aholming in Bavaria, Germany, as well as in Taiwan and Malaysia and has an international presence with over 300 installed facilities.

P+P Pöllath + Partners team was led by Michael Inhester and Andreas Kühnert and included Nico Fischer (Picture), Daniel Wiedmann, Adalbert Makos and Christoph-Alexander May.

Beiten Burkhardt team was led by Martin Rappert and included Nico Frielinghaus, Dr Sebastian Weller, Thomas Herten, Dr Winfried Richardt, Markus Schönherr, Tassilo Klesen, Lelu Li, Dr Christian von Wistinghausen, Dr Patrick Alois Hübner, Susanne Rademacher, Dr Jenna Wang-Metzner, Katrin Lüdtke, Jörn Manhart, Julia Meler, Peter Weck, Christian Frederik Döpke and Mathias Zimmer-Goertz.

Involved fees earner: Patrick Alois Hübner – Beiten Burkhardt; Christian Frederik Döpke – Beiten Burkhardt; Nico Frielinghaus – Beiten Burkhardt; Thomas Herten – Beiten Burkhardt; Tassilo Klesen – Beiten Burkhardt; Lelu Li – Beiten Burkhardt; Katrin Lüdtke – Beiten Burkhardt; Jörn Manhart – Beiten Burkhardt; Julia Meler – Beiten Burkhardt; Susanne Rademacher – Beiten Burkhardt; Martin Rappert – Beiten Burkhardt; Winfried Richardt – Beiten Burkhardt; Markus Schönherr – Beiten Burkhardt; Christian von Wistinghausen – Beiten Burkhardt; Jenna Wang-Metzner – Beiten Burkhardt; Peter Weck – Beiten Burkhardt; Sebastian Weller – Beiten Burkhardt; Mathias Zimmer-Goertz – Beiten Burkhardt; Nico Fischer – P+P Pöllath + Partners; Michael Inhester – P+P Pöllath + Partners; Andreas Kühnert – P+P Pöllath + Partners; Adalbert Makos – P+P Pöllath + Partners; Christoph-Alexander May – P+P Pöllath + Partners; Daniel Wiedmann – P+P Pöllath + Partners;

Law Firms: Beiten Burkhardt; P+P Pöllath + Partners;

Clients: DEWB AG; Suzhou TZTEK Technology Co Ltd;

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler