Surteco’s $99 Million Acquisition of Global Abbasi S.L.

FRANZ Rechtsanwälte, Garrigues, Rödl & Partner, Cuatrecasas and Demarest advised on the deal

Surteco SE, through its German subsidiary Döllken-Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH., finalized the acquisition of Global Abbasi S.L. for $99 Million from Alantra.

Global Abbasi, S.L. was incorporated in 2013 and is based in Madrid, Spain.

SURTECO SE develops, produces, and sells coated surface materials based on paper and plastic worldwide.

In Germany, FRANZ Rechtsanwälte advised Döllken Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH and Surteco SE with Patrick Vogt (Picture), André Kowalski, Axel Staudt and Ute Spiegel.

Garrigues advised Döllken-Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH and Surteco SE with Susana Pimenta de Sousa, Gerardo Lemus, Jaime Iglesias. Consejero Pablo Vinageras. Asociados sénior Pedro Lemos Carvalho, Belén Buisan and Miguel Ángel Rocha,

In UK, Rödl & Partner advised Döllken-Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH and Surteco SE with Jan Eberhardt.

Cuatrecasas advised Alantra with Socios Francisco J. Martínez Maroto, Filipe Avides Moreira, Pedro López Doriga, Francisco Sequeira, Alexandra Sequeira, Filipe Duarte Geada, Raquel Freitas, Carla Naia, Maria Benedita Lacerda, Tiago Sampaio and João Regadas.

In Brazil, Demarest advised Alantra with Andoni Hernandez Bengoa, Thereza Montoro and João Paulo Assunção.

Involved fees earner: Patrick Vogt – FRANZ Rechtsanwälte ; André Kowalski – FRANZ Rechtsanwälte ; Axel Staudt – FRANZ Rechtsanwälte ; Ute Spiegel – FRANZ Rechtsanwälte ; Andoni Hernández – Demarest; Thereza Maria Sarfert Franco Montoro – Demarest; João Paulo Mendes de Assunção – Demarest; Susana Pimenta de Sousa – Garrigues; Gerardo Lemus – Garrigues; Jaime Iglesias Gallardo – Garrigues; Pablo Vinageras – Garrigues; Pedro Lemos Carvalho – Garrigues; Belén Buisán Lachén – Garrigues; Miguel Ángel Rocha Romero – Garrigues; Francisco José Martínez Maroto – Cuatrecasas; Filipe Avides Moreira – Cuatrecasas; Pedro López-Dóriga – Cuatrecasas; Tiago Sampaio – Cuatrecasas; Francisco Sequeira – Cuatrecasas; Alexandra Marques Sequeira – Cuatrecasas; Carla Naia – Cuatrecasas; Raquel Freitas – Cuatrecasas; Maria Benedita Lacerda – Cuatrecasas; Jan Eberhardt – Rödl & Partner;

Law Firms: FRANZ Rechtsanwälte ; Demarest; Garrigues; Cuatrecasas; Rödl & Partner;

Clients: Surteco SE; Döllken-Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH; Alantra Corporate Finance, S.A.;

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