Sprint after AT&T

Sidley recently obtained a significant victory for Sprint

Sidley was originally hired to represent Sprint after AT&T (not represented by Sidley) settled with plaintiff Prism Technologies in the midst of a series of patent infringement trials that involved the same set of patents. Mike Bettinger led the Sidley trial team for Sprint, with Irene Yang providing second-chair support. Despite the efforts of Sidley’s trial and appellate teams, the Federal Circuit ultimately affirmed a $30 million patent infringement judgment against Sprint. However, while Prism sought to enforce the judgment after the case was remanded, the Federal Circuit held in a separate lawsuit against T-Mobile involving the same patents that the patents were all invalid. Sidley immediately moved to vacate the judgment, invoking the collateral estoppel principle that patent owners cannot “exact royalties for the use of an idea that is not in fact patentable or that is beyond the scope of the patent monopoly.” Blonder-Tongue Labs., v. Univ. of Ill. Found., 402 U.S. 313, 349-50 (1971). After a series of proceedings before the district court and Federal Circuit, the district court finally agreed with Sidley and vacated the judgment. Prism appealed, and in February 2019, the Federal Circuit affirmed the district court’s vacatur of the $30 million judgment. Carter Phillips argued the appeal. The appellate team also included Ryan Morris, Jennifer Clark and Katherine Olson. That team was aided and worked closely with Mike Bettinger and Irene Yang.

Involved fees earner: Mike Bettinger – Sidley Austin LLP; Jennifer Clark – Sidley Austin LLP; Ryan Morris – Sidley Austin LLP; Katherine Olson – Sidley Austin LLP; Carter Phillips – Sidley Austin LLP; Irene Yang – Sidley Austin LLP;

Law Firms: Sidley Austin LLP;

Clients: Sprint Corporation;


Author: Ambrogio Visconti