Southern Cross Group and Riverstone’s $160 Million Investment in Aleph

Mayer Brown, Bruchou, Fernández Madero & Lombardi, Nicholson y Cano, Vinson & Elkins and Mitrani Caballero & Ruiz Moreno advised on the transaction

Vista Oil & Gas, Southern Cross Group and Riverstone announced plans to jointly invest more than $160 million into the newly created Argentine company Aleph.

Aleph will be the first midstream company to operate in the Vaca Muerta shale deposit rock formation in Patagonia.

Riverstone is one of the largest private equity funds focused on the global energy sector and a midstream benchmark in North America, while Southern Cross Group is one of the largest funds in Latin America, a pioneer in the private equity business in Argentina.

During July this year, Aleph will begin with the design and construction of the necessary infrastructure to capture, process and evacuate the shale production of customers in the Neuquén basin that it can attract.

Vista Oil & Gas, S.A.B. de C.V.

Mayer Brown Vista Oil & Gas, S.A.B. de C.V. with Pablo Ferrante, Thomas Moore, Rebecca Seidl and Federica Castro.

In Argentina, Bruchou, Fernández Madero & Lombardi advised Vista Oil & Gas, S.A.B. de C.V. with Javier Rodríguez Galli, María Lucila Winschel, Santiago Balbi, Pablo Muir, María Agostina Milani, María Agustina Leppen and Teodoro Cáceres Rodríguez

Nicholson y Cano advised Riverstone Energy Limited and Aleph Midstream S.A. with Nicolás Perkins, Mariana Guzian, Emiliano R. Silva, Martín Rodríguez and Agostina Griselli.

Vinson & Elkins advised Riverstone Energy Limited with Maritza Okata, Jason McIntosh, Shay Kuperman y Karen Smith. Consejero Damien Lyster, Jeffrey Shah, Allyson Seger y Luke Edney, Kelly Reddington, Stancell Haigwood, Jake Wight and RJ Colwell.

Mitrani Caballero & Ruiz Moreno advised Southern Cross Group with Diego Parise, Mariana Ardizzone, Mercedes Rodríguez Giavarini, Corina Laudato, Laura Huertas Buraglia. Asociados Juan Vignolo and Belén Justiniano.

Involved fees earner: Santiago Balbi – Bruchou, Ferna?ndez Madero & Lombardi; Pablo Muir – Bruchou, Ferna?ndez Madero & Lombardi; Javier Rodríguez Galli – Bruchou, Ferna?ndez Madero & Lombardi; Lucila Winschel – Bruchou, Ferna?ndez Madero & Lombardi; Federica Castro – Mayer & Brown; Pablo Ferrante – Mayer & Brown; Thomas Moore – Mayer & Brown; Rebecca Seidl – Mayer & Brown; Mariana Ardizzone – Mitrani Caballero & Ruiz Moreno; Laura Huertas Buraglia – Mitrani Caballero & Ruiz Moreno; Belén Justiniano – Mitrani Caballero & Ruiz Moreno; Corina Laudato – Mitrani Caballero & Ruiz Moreno; Diego Parise – Mitrani Caballero & Ruiz Moreno; Mercedes Rodríguez Giavarini – Mitrani Caballero & Ruiz Moreno; Agostina Griselli – Nicholson & Cano Abogados; Mariana Guzian – Nicholson & Cano Abogados; Nicolás Perkins – Nicholson & Cano Abogados; Martín Rodríguez – Nicholson & Cano Abogados; Emiliano Silva – Nicholson & Cano Abogados; Ronald Colwell – Vinson & Elkins LLP; Luke Edney – Vinson & Elkins LLP; Stancell Haigwood – Vinson & Elkins LLP; Shay Kuperman – Vinson & Elkins LLP; Damien Lyster – Vinson & Elkins LLP; Jacob Marshall Wight – Vinson & Elkins LLP; Jason McIntosh – Vinson & Elkins LLP; Maritza Okata – Vinson & Elkins LLP; Kelly Reddington – Vinson & Elkins LLP; Allyson Seger – Vinson & Elkins LLP; Jeffrey Shah – Vinson & Elkins LLP; Karen Smith – Vinson & Elkins LLP;

Law Firms: Bruchou, Ferna?ndez Madero & Lombardi; Mayer & Brown; Mitrani Caballero & Ruiz Moreno; Nicholson & Cano Abogados; Vinson & Elkins LLP;

Clients: Aleph Midstream S.A.; Riverstone Energy Ltd; Southern Cross Group; Vista Oil & Gas, S.A.B. de C.V.;

Author: Ambrogio Visconti.