Schwarz Group’s Partial Acquisition of Waste Management and Recycling Business

Schwarz Group's Partial Acquisition of Waste Management and Recycling Business

Noerr, Jeantet and NautaDutilh Avocats and Vinge advised Schwarz Group on the deal. Jones Day and Baker McKenzie advised Suez.

As reported in CEE Legal Matters and in others online publications Schwarz Group executed a takeover and potential entrance into a strategic partnership with the French Suez Group in the waste disposal and recycling business.

Schwarz Group retails general grocery and miscellaneous products. The Company operates a chain of discounted stores in Germany.

The Noerr team was led by German Partners Gerald Reger (Picture), Maurice Seche, and Susanne Rummel, and included well over 48 lawyers in Germany alone. In addition, the firm’s team included Poland-based Partner Ludomir Biedecki and lawyers Aleksandra Drozdz, Jaroslaw Karlikowski, Joanna Kuc, Mateusz Slodczyk, Justyna Solarska, Marek Solarski, Joanna Szacinska, Sylwia Urbanska, Wojciech Wasowicz, and Piotr Zabkiewicz.

Jeantet advised Schwarz with Karl Hepp de Sevelinges, Michael Samol, Ruben Koslar and Perrine Fuchs.

NautaDutilh advised with Margaretha Wilkenhuysen, Caroline Notté, David Al Mari, Marierose Schwarz, Nathalie Zurel, Jaap Stoop, Harm van Schaijk, Arjan Koorevaar and Naomi Asscheman.

Jones Day advised Suez with Audrey Bontemps, Charlotte Breuvart et Laurent de Muyter Cocurrence.

Baker McKenzie team consisted of Anders Fast, Christian Reineby and Maja Nilsson. 

Vinge’s team consisted of Matthias Pannier, Ulrich Ziche, Linda Sengul, Jesper Lindvall, Nina Gransäter, Mathilda Persson, Jolene Reimerson, Mika Jordan, Ellinor Wargenbrant, Christoffer Nordin, Lisa Hörnqvist, Marion Kronberg, Hayaat Ibrahim, Johan Cederblad, Olof Löfvenberg, Sara Strandberg, Veronika Garemark, Jack Bengtsson and Martin Svanberg, Sofia Bergenstråhle, Kristoffer Larson, Maria Schultzberg, Nathalie Hughes, Carl Bruneheim and Jasmina Skandrani.

Involved fees earner: Anders Fast – Baker McKenzie; Maja Nilsson – Baker McKenzie; Christian Reineby – Baker McKenzie; Perrine Fuchs – Jeantet & Associates; Karl Hepp de Sevelinges – Jeantet & Associates; Ruben Koslar – Jeantet & Associates; Michael Samol – Jeantet & Associates; Audrey Bontemps – Jones Day; Charlotte Breuvart – Jones Day; Laurent de Muyter – Jones Day; David Al Mari – NautaDutilh; Naomi Asscheman – NautaDutilh; Arjan Koorevaar – NautaDutilh; Caroline Notté – NautaDutilh; Marierose Schwarz – NautaDutilh; Jaap Stoop – NautaDutilh; Harm van Schaijk – NautaDutilh; Margaretha Wilkenhuysen – NautaDutilh; Nathalie Zurel – NautaDutilh; Ludomir Biedecki – Noerr; Aleksandra Drozdz – Noerr; Jaroslaw Karlikowski – Noerr; Joanna Kuc – Noerr; Gerald Reger – Noerr; Susanne Rummel – Noerr; Maurice Séché – Noerr; Mateusz Slodczyk – Noerr; Justyna Solarska – Noerr; Marek Solarski – Noerr; Joanna Szacinska – Noerr; Sylwia Urba?ska – Noerr; Wojciech Wasowicz – Noerr; Piotr Zabkiewicz – Noerr; Jack Bengtsson – Vinge; Sofia Bergenstråhle – Vinge; Carl Bruneheim – Vinge; Johan Cederblad – Vinge; Veronika Garemark – Vinge; Nina Gransäter – Vinge; Lisa Hörnqvist – Vinge; Nathalie Hughes – Vinge; Hayaat Ibrahim – Vinge; Mika Jordan – Vinge; Marion Kronberg – Vinge; Kristoffer Larson – Vinge; Jesper Lindvall – Vinge; Olof Löfvenberg – Vinge; Christoffer Nordin – Vinge; Matthias Pannier – Vinge; Mathilda Persson – Vinge; Jolene Reimerson – Vinge; Maria Schultzberg – Vinge; Linda Sengul – Vinge; Jasmina Skandrani – Vinge; Sara Strandberg – Vinge; Martin Svanberg – Vinge; Ellinor Wargenbrant – Vinge; Ulrich Ziche – Vinge;

Law Firms: Baker McKenzie; Jeantet & Associates; Jones Day; NautaDutilh; Noerr; Vinge;

Clients: Schwarz Group ; Suez;

Author: Ambrogio Visconti