Schmolz + Bickenbach’s €300.5 Million Rights Offering

Baker McKenzie advised steel group SCHMOLZ+BICKENBACH on its recapitalization through a CHF 325 million equity capital raise against the issuance of 1,083,333,333 new registered shares. Niederer Kraft Frey acts as legal adviser to UBS AG and Credit Suisse AG.

SCHMOLZ+BICKENBACH is one of the world’s leading providers of customized solutions in the specialty long steel products business. A global name in tool steel and stainless long steel products, the group is also one of the largest providers for alloy and high-alloy engineering steel in Europe. It employs more than 10,000 employees in over 30 countries.

The Baker McKenzie team was led by Dr. Matthias Courvoisier (Picture), Dr. Yves Mauchle (capital markets) and Dr. Alexander Blaeser (corporate). Specialty streams were led by Adam B. Farlow (international capital markets), Prof. Dr. Lukas Glanzmann (restructuring and corporate) and Dr. Urs Zenhäusern (dispute resolution). The team also included Dr. Christoph Wolf, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ellinghaus, Dr. Holger Ellers, Dr. Ulrich Weidemann (all Germany), Charles Farnsworth (London), Thomas J. Rice (New York), Alain Sauty de Chalon, François-Xavier Naime, Noemie Devico (all Paris), Greg McNab, Haran Viswanathan (both Toronto) as well as Andrea Bolliger, Ariane Ernst, Corinne Nacht, Tanja Schmid, Gabrielle Tschopp, Beau Visser, Jan Lusti, Lukas Innerebner, Cora Schmid, Franca Steiger and Ladislas von Sury d’Aspremont (all Zurich).

Niederer Kraft Frey acts as legal adviser to UBS AG and Credit Suisse AG in SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH’s rights offering with a team led by partner Philippe Weber working with partner Thomas Brönnimann and counsel Christina Del Vecchio (all Capital Markets).

Involved fees earner: Alexander Blaeser – Baker McKenzie; Andrea Bolliger – Baker McKenzie; Matthias Courvoisier – Baker McKenzie; Noemie Devico – Baker McKenzie; Holger Ellers – Baker McKenzie; Ulrich Ellinghaus – Baker McKenzie; Ariane Ernst – Baker McKenzie; Adam Farlow – Baker McKenzie; Charles Farnsworth – Baker McKenzie; Lukas Glanzmann – Baker McKenzie; Lukas Innerebner – Baker McKenzie; Jan Lusti – Baker McKenzie; Yves Mauchle – Baker McKenzie; Greg McNab – Baker McKenzie; Corinne Nacht – Baker McKenzie; François-Xavier Naime – Baker McKenzie; Thomas Rice – Baker McKenzie; Alain Sauty de Chalon – Baker McKenzie; Tanja Schmid – Baker McKenzie; Cora Schmid – Baker McKenzie; Franca Steiger – Baker McKenzie; Gabrielle Tschopp – Baker McKenzie; Beau Visser – Baker McKenzie; Haran Viswanathan – Baker McKenzie; Ladislas von Sury d’Aspremont – Baker McKenzie; Ulrich Weidemann – Baker McKenzie; Christoph Wolf – Baker McKenzie; Urs Zenhäusern – Baker McKenzie; Thomas Brönnimann – Niederer Kraft Frey Ltd; Christina Del Vecchio – Niederer Kraft Frey Ltd; Philippe Weber – Niederer Kraft Frey Ltd;

Law Firms: Baker McKenzie; Niederer Kraft Frey Ltd;

Clients: Credit Suisse; SCHMOLZ+BICKENBACH; UBS AG;