San Miguel’s $46 Million Securities Offering

Nicholson y Cano and Tanoira Cassagne have advised on the transaction

S.A. San Miguel A.G.I.C.I. y F. operates as a fruit and vegetable company worldwide. The company exports fresh fruits comprising lemons, tangerines, oranges, and grapefruits. The company, led by Romain Corneille and Patricio Aguirre Saravia is based in Argentina.

AR Partners S.A. (Raymond James Argentina S.A.), Puente Hnos S.A. and Banco Santander Río S.A. acted as Initial Purchasers.

Nicholson y Cano has advised S.A. San Miguel A.G.I.C.I. y F. with Marcelo Villegas (Picture), Juan Martín Ferreiro, Delfina Nicholson, Agostina Griselli, Javier Sanchez and Gonzalo Rivas Orozco.

Tanoira Cassagne has advised AR Partners S.A., Puente Hnos S.A. and Banco Santander Río S.A. with Alexia Rosenthal, Jaime Uranga and Ignacio Criado Díaz.

Involved fees earner: Marcelo Villegas – Nicholson & Cano Abogados; Juan Martín Ferreiro – Nicholson & Cano Abogados; Delfina Nicholson – Nicholson & Cano Abogados; Agostina Griselli – Nicholson & Cano Abogados; Javier Sánchez – Nicholson & Cano Abogados; Alexia Rosenthal – Tanoira Cassagne; Jaime Uranga – Tanoira Cassagne; Ignacio Criado Díaz – Tanoira Cassagne;

Law Firms: Nicholson & Cano Abogados; Tanoira Cassagne;

Clients: Puente Hermanos S.A.; Banco Santander Río S.A.; AR Partners ; S.A. San Miguel A.G.I.C.I. y F. ;


Author: Ambrogio Visconti.