RTG Retail Trade Group’s Joint Venture

Hengeler Mueller advises METRO and real,- on Joint Venture

The German retailers real,- (a distribution chain of METRO Group), Bartels-Langness, Bünting, NETTO ApS, Klaas & Kock, and Georg Jos. Kaes have founded the “RTG Retail Trade Group” with the purpose of bundling central functions. Under the umbrella of this mutual joint venture, the joint purchasing of food, non-food and ultra-fresh products will be combined as well as other functions. METRO Cash & Carry Germany will also pool purchasing volume through the Retail Trade Group.

Together with its 90,000 employees, the sixth retailers participating in RTG represent more than 2,600 hypermarkets, supermarkets and petrol stations across Germany. The partners of RTG operate more than 4 million square meters of selling area. With c. 23 billion sales in Food and Non-Food, RTG is one of the largest retail cooperations in Germany.

Hengeler Mueller advised METRO and real,- on the transaction regarding contractual and antitrust issues. The Hengeler Mueller team includes partners Christof Jäckle (Picture), Karsten Schmidt-Hern (both on the contractual side) (both Frankfurt), Christoph Stadler (Antitrust, Düsseldorf) as well as associates Daniel Möritz (Düsseldorf), Sebastian Schneider (Berlin), Till Wansleben (Frankfurt) (all on the contractual side), Philipp Otto Neideck and Anja Balitzki (both Antitrust) (both Düsseldorf).

METRO’s in-house legal team responsible for this transaction was led by Nils Hoffmann, Michael Buch, Reto Batzel, Thomas Honnet and Annette Weber.

Involved fees earner: Christof Jäckle – Hengeler Mueller; Karsten Schmidt-Hern – Hengeler Mueller; Daniel Möritz – Hengeler Mueller; Sebastian Schneider – Hengeler Mueller; Till Wansleben – Hengeler Mueller; Christoph Stadler – Hengeler Mueller; Philipp Otto Neideck – Hengeler Mueller; Anja Balitzki – Hengeler Mueller;

Law Firms: Hengeler Mueller;

Clients: METRO AG;