RTE Poland’s Production Facility Agreement for Decathlon Chain

DZP advises RTE Poland on the deal.

RTE, one of Europe’s largest bicycle manufacturers, signed and implemented a construction contract with Dekpol S.A. and Dekpol Budownictwo sp. z o.o. for the construction of a modern bicycle production facility in Brzesc Kujawski.

The PLN 80 million investment in which Industry 4.0 solutions are being applied will have a usable area of over 20,000 m². In the complex, 18,000 m² will be occupied by production and technical facilities, 2,000 m² by social and office facilities, and a unique warehouse will be erected with a height equivalent to that of a ten-storey residential building – 30 m. The facility will be equipped with state of the art equipment and intelligent systems will be responsible for production management. 

The bicycles will be supplied to the Decathlon chain, RTE’s business partner. At the initial stage of operations, 500,000 bicycles will be manufactured per year, while the company is planning to increase production to 1.5 million bicycles per year. 

The DZP team included Partner Tomasz Darowski (Picture), Kamil Pociecha, Senior Associate, Joanna Zbyszynska, Associate and dr Joanna Schubel, Senior Associate.

Involved fees earner: Tomasz Darowski – DZP Doma?ski Zakrzewski Palinka; Kamil Pociecha – DZP Doma?ski Zakrzewski Palinka; Joanna Schubel – DZP Doma?ski Zakrzewski Palinka; Joanna Zbyszynska – DZP Doma?ski Zakrzewski Palinka;

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Author: Federica Tiefenthaler