Royal Dutch Shell’s Acquisition of Ubitricity

Gleiss Lutz advised the shareholders of ubitricity on the transaction.

Royal Dutch Shell announced the acquisition of Ubitricity, the UK’s largest public electric vehicle charging network. The amount of the acquisition is undisclosed, and the deal is expected to close later in 2021.

The shareholders include Heinz Dürr Invest, the Siemens subsidiary Next47, Honda, EDF, earlybird and VC Fonds Technologie Berlin. Closing of the transaction is still subject to the customary regulatory clearances.

Founded in Berlin in 2008, ubitricity has developed an intelligent charging and billing solution for the charging of electric vehicles. The solution enables technically simpler – and therefore cheaper – charge points to be integrated into existing road infrastructure such as lamp-posts and bollards. This provides low-cost charging options that are simple and flexible for e-drivers to use when parking on roads. The company has been working together with local public authorities across Europe to push ahead with the expansion of e-car charging infrastructure and achieve blanket coverage. With over 2,700 charging stations in the UK, ubitricity already operates the largest public charging network for electric vehicles.

Royal Dutch Shell is one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. In addition to its classic oil and gas business, it is also active in chemicals and renewable energies. Shell already has a global network for the charging of electric vehicles. Currently, the network has over 1,000 fast and ultra-fast charge points at around 430 Shell service stations, as well as over 185,000 charge points at various locations including service stations, highways and electro hubs. By acquiring ubitricity, Shell is pushing forward with expansion in the rapidly growing on-street charging market for electric vehicles. It is also enhancing its core competence in this area in order to develop its charging products overall.

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