Qualtrics’ $1.125 Billion Acquisition of Clarabridge

Cooley advised Clarabridge on the deal, while Shearman & Sterling represented Qualtrics International.

Clarabridge, a customer experience management platform focused on omnichannel text and speech analytics, announced its agreement to sell to Qualtrics in a stock transaction valued at $1.125 billion.

The acquisition of Clarabridge by Qualtrics will enable organizations to tune into, analyze and act on everything customers and employees are saying – wherever they’re saying it – on the world’s top experience management platform. With this move, companies will be best positioned to truly understand what customers and employees are saying across every channel and deliver personalized experiences at incredible scale.

Co-headquartered in Provo, Utah and Seattle, Washington, Qualtrics International is trusted by more than 13,500 organizations globally, including most Fortune 100 companies, to manage and improve customer, employee, product, and brand experiences. A leader in its field, Qualtrics software enables organizations to both design and improve experiences by identifying issues and overhauling processes before they manifest as lower trending satisfaction scores.

Clarabridge helps the world’s leading brands take a data-driven, customer-focused approach to everything they do. Using artificial intelligence-powered conversational analytics, Clarabridge’s platform enables brands to extract actionable insights from every customer interaction to grow sales, ensure compliance and increase operational efficiencies.

The Cooley team was led by Kevin Cooper (Picture), Jamie Leigh and Izzy Lubarsky. Additional assistance was provided by Mike Lincoln, Richard Lee, Matt Finan, David Dalton, Mary Maher Lewis, Christine Graham, Eileen Marshall, Matteo Negro, Jacqueline Grise, Dave Walsh, Stella Sarma, Akiyah Francis, Adam Ruttenberg, Virat Gupta, Helenanne Connolly, Kris Kleiner, Gabrielle Whitehall, Chris Kimball, Rebecca Ross, Erin Estevez and Dillon Martinson.

Shearman & Sterling represented Qualtrics International with Daniel Mitz, Robert J. Cardone, Emma Maconick, Larry Crouch, Doreen E. Lilienfeld,
Ben Gris, Richard Alsop, and Kristina L. Trauger.

Involved fees earner: Helenanne Connolly – Cooley LLP; Kevin Cooper – Cooley LLP; David Dalton – Cooley LLP; Erin Estevez – Cooley LLP; Matt Finan – Cooley LLP; Akiyah Francis – Cooley LLP; Christine Graham – Cooley LLP; Jacqueline Grise – Cooley LLP; Virat Gupta – Cooley LLP; Christopher Kimball – Cooley LLP; Kristopher Kleiner – Cooley LLP; Richard Lee – Cooley LLP; Jamie Leigh – Cooley LLP; Mike Lincoln – Cooley LLP; Benjamin Lubarsky – Cooley LLP; Mary Maher Lewis – Cooley LLP; Eileen Marshall – Cooley LLP; Dillon Martinson – Cooley LLP; Matteo Negro – Cooley LLP; Rebecca Ross – Cooley LLP; Adam Ruttenberg – Cooley LLP; Stella Sarma – Cooley LLP; David Walsh – Cooley LLP; Gabrielle Whitehall – Cooley LLP; Richard Alsop – Shearman & Sterling; Robert Cardone – Shearman & Sterling; Larry Crouch – Shearman & Sterling; Ben Gris – Shearman & Sterling; Doreen Lilienfeld – Shearman & Sterling; Emma Maconick – Shearman & Sterling; Daniel Mitz – Shearman & Sterling; Kristina Trauger – Shearman & Sterling;

Law Firms: Cooley LLP; Shearman & Sterling;

Clients: Clarabridge; Qualtrics International Inc.;

Author: Martina Bellini