Protection of figurative trademark “El Tigre De Suramericana” of Suramericana S.A.

Posse Herrera Ruiz and DHD Consultores S.A.S. have advised on the matter

Posse Herrera Ruiz acted as Colombian legal advisor to Suramericana S.A. in the opposition proceeding before the Trademark Office against the registration of trademark “LEO & Design”.

Samuel Ricardo Lerner applied for the registration of trademark “LEO & Design” in class 36. Posse Herrera Ruiz, as legal counsel to Suramericana S.A. filed an opposition providing significant evidence proving the notorious character of its registered figurative trademark “El Tigre de Suramericana” in class 36.

The Trademark Office ruled that the evidence was conclusive and declared the notoriety of the figurative trademark of “El Tigre de Suramericana” to cover insurance services in class 36. Said entity also denied registration for trademark “LEO” in class 36, arguing that its registration would mislead consumers and allow its owner to take advantage of the notorious trademark’s reputation.

Posse Herrera Ruiz has advised Suramericana with Helena Camargo (Picture), Annabelle Angarita and María Antonia Carvajal.

DHD Consultores S.A.S. represented LEO with Néstor Gómez Hernandez.

Involved fees earner: Néstor Gómez Hernandez – DHD Consultores S.A.S.; Helena Camargo – Posse Herrera Ruiz; Annabelle Angarita – Posse Herrera Ruiz; María Antonia Carvajal – Posse Herrera Ruiz;

Law Firms: DHD Consultores S.A.S.; Posse Herrera Ruiz;

Clients: Suramericana S.A.; LEO;

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Author: Ambrogio Visconti.