Pro Test Diagnostics’ SEK 17 Million Financing Round

Vinge has advised Nascent Invest in connection with an investment in Pro Test Diagnostics.

Pro Test Diagnostics, an Umeå, Sweden-based health company, announced via a press release the completion of a SEK 17 million capital investment round.

The funding was provided by investors from Sweden including Nascent Invest AB and Fort Knox Förvaring AB.

Pro Test Diagnostics, founded in 2019 based on research at Umeå University and led by CEO Anders Mannelqvist, is working for the development of the next generation of doping tests – rapid and accurate detection of autologous blood doping through a molecular fingerprint.

The test is based on the fact that the molecular fingerprint in the blood changes as the blood is stored frozen outside the body. The test recognizes the fingerprint changes and can thus, with high accuracy, determine whether an athlete has blood doped himself or not.

Vinge’s team consisted of, among others, Johan Winnerblad (Picture).

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