Private equity is still growing, although the euphoria of 2014 has died down somewhat

Private Equity

According to the Roland Berger Strategy Consultants’ “European Private Equity Outlook 2015”, the European private equity industry is looking to the new year with caution.

The first signs of a cool-down surfaced back in 2014, with around one third of survey respondents closing fewer transactions than in 2014.

Their main reasons were the lack of attractive targets.

In terms of the industries deemed most relevant, pharmaceuticals and healthcare (49%), consumer goods and retail (48%), and technology and media (46%) remain the frontrunners. The automotive industry (10%) and the chemical sector (13%), on the other hand, feature fewer acquisitions. The energy sector is also very weak (22%).

Private Equity Sector is a strategic area of business development for all most important law firms at global level, a possible cool-down of the market may affect negatively the business.

According to PBV Monitor, during the first quarter 2015 the private equity segment has generated transactions (including Found Formation, M&A and financing) for an aggregated value of $230 Billion with a specific focus on EU centric transactions.

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Author: Ambrogio Visconti