Prestatech’s Acquisition of Prestacap And Financing Round

BMH BRÄUTIGAM has advised the founders and managers of Prestatech (Christian Nothacker, Luca Terragni, Lorenzo Giusti and Massimiliano Mastalia) on the deal.

Prestatech announced the acquisition of Prestacap (now under the name Prestatech) with Ptech Holdings, which they founded, from the Italian DEPObank SpA in the context of a management buy-out and a parallel financing round by equity investors.

The Prestatech platform is a new digital solution for the lending sector and the natural evolution of Prestacap, the European FinTech platform for business loans originally founded in 2015 by Christian Nothacker. Prestacap was acquired by DEPObank SpA in 2019 and has now been re-acquired and further developed by its founders and managers as part of the management buy-out. Through its platform, Prestatech offers banks API solutions based on artificial intelligence, algorithms and Big Data. The tech-as-a-service services focus on end-to-end digital credit processes.

The BMH BRÄUTIGAM team included Till Wansleben, Dr. Alexander Wulff (Picture) and Jonas Kiehne.

Involved fees earner: Jonas Kiehne – BMH Bräutigam; Till Wansleben – BMH Bräutigam; Alexander Wulff – BMH Bräutigam;

Law Firms: BMH Bräutigam;

Clients: Christian Nothacker; Lorenzo Giusti; Luca Terragni; Massimiliano Mastalia;

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler