Portland Private Equity Fund’s investment in Inmaculada Guadalupe y Amigos en Compañía S.A.

Posse Herrera Ruiz, McMillan, Brigard & Urrutia, Holland & Knight, Rodríguez & Asociados and Mosquera Abogados have advised on the deal

Portland Private Equity Fund completed its loan and equity investment into Inmaculada Guadalupe y Amigos en Compañía S.A., company owning and operating the famous Andrés Carne de Res branded restaurant chain.

The transaction, which was sponsored by MAS EQUITY PARTNERS, served the stage for the integration of Inmaculada Guadalupe y Amigos en Compañía S.A., with Grupo Conboca S.A.S. and Productora y Comercializadora de Alimentos S.A.S., which in turn owns and operates the chicken outlet chain Kokoriko, and Mimos renowned ice cream stores in Colombia.

Posse Herrera Ruiz has advised Portland Private Equity with José Alejandro Torres (Picture), Juan Pablo Puerto and Daniel Gardeazábal.

McMillan has advised Portland Private Equity with Kip Daeschel, Jeffrey Nagashima, Maria Sagan and Philip Vineberg.

Brigard & Urrutia has advised MEP and Inmaculada Guadalupe with Dario Laguado, Christian Diaz and Laura Ribero.

Holland & Knight has advised MEP with Juan Carlos Valencia.

Rodríguez & Asociados has advised MEP, Inmaculada Guadalupe and Grupo Conboca with Juan Diego Rodríguez and Paola Valderrama.

Mosquera Abogados has advised the shareholders of Inmaculada Guadalupe with Juan Pablo Mosquera.

Involved fees earner: Juan Diego Rodríguez – Rodríguez & Asociados; Paola Valderrama – Rodríguez & Asociados; Kip Daeschel – McMillan; Jeffrey Nagashima – McMillan; Philip Vineberg – McMillan; Maria Sagan – McMillan; José Alejandro Torres – Posse Herrera Ruiz; Juan Pablo Puerto – Posse Herrera Ruiz; Daniel Gardeazábal – Posse Herrera Ruiz; Darío Laguado Giraldo – Brigard & Urrutia; Christian Díaz Ordóñez – Brigard & Urrutia; Laura Ribero Díaz – Brigard & Urrutia; Juan Carlos Valencia – Holland & Knight;

Law Firms: Rodríguez & Asociados; McMillan; Posse Herrera Ruiz; Brigard & Urrutia; Holland & Knight;

Clients: Portland Private Equity LP; Mas Equity Partners, LLC; Inmaculada Guadalupe y Amigos en Compañía S.A.; Grupo Conboca;


Author: Ambrogio Visconti.