Polaris’ Acquisition of Contour Design

Horten has assisted Polaris with all legal aspects of the transaction, while Lundgrens assisted the founder of Contour Design.

The capital fund Polaris announced the acquisition of Contour Design.

Contour Gruppen is a market-leading company within research, development and design of ergonomic computer mice such as RollerMouse, Unimouse and Contour Mouse enabling the user to work safely at their computers without the risk of pain or strain injuries. Contour Design was founded in 1995 by Steve Wang and is a pioneer in ergonomic mouse and keyboard solutions with patented products, e.g. RollerMouse, Unimouse and Balance Keyboard.

The Horten team was led by Mikkel Primdal Kæregaard (Picture) and included Jakob Krag Nielsen, Frederik Vest-Maagensen, Iben Møller Vollesen, Jonas Eigil Nielsen and Maria Pilh Arendsdorf Bengtsen.

The Lundgrens team consisted of Thomas Kræmer, Søren Danelund Reipurth, Jakob Schilder-Knudsen, Pia Lykke Mathiasen, Emilie Lerstrøm, Jonas Lykke Hartvig-Rovsing and Hannah Dehn-Rasmussen.

Involved fees earner: Maria Pilh Arendsdorf Bengtsen – Horten; Mikkel Primdal Kæregaard – Horten; Jakob Krag Nielsen – Horten; Jonas Eigil Nielsen – Horten; Frederik Vest-Maagensen – Horten; Iben Møller Vollesen – Horten; Hannah Dehn-Rasmussen – Lundgren; Jonas Lykke Hartvig-Rovsing – Lundgren; Thomas Kraemer – Lundgren; Emilie Lerstrøm – Lundgren; Pia Lykke Mathiasen – Lundgren; Søren Danelund Reipurth – Lundgren; Jakob Schilder-Knudsen – Lundgren;

Law Firms: Horten; Lundgren;

Clients: Polaris Equity Partners; Steve Wang;