Penta Infra’s Acquisition of Sentia’s Data Center Business in Denmark

Moalem Weitemeyer assisted Penta Infra on the deal. Plesner has advised Sentia Denmark A/S, a subsidiary of the Dutch Sentia Group.

Penta Infra acquired Sentia’s data center in Smedeland, Glostrup.

The acquisition is the result of a comprehensive process in finding the right partner to continue with Sentia’s data center services.

Entering the mutually beneficial partnership will allow Penta Infra to deliver state-of-the-art data center solutions to the Danish market and Sentia to release resources to focus more intensively on its core business within cloud services, application control, and consulting.

Penta Infra is a leading data center provider for the European hub and edge markets. With a large network of data centers in the Netherlands and Germany, Penta aims to offer the best locations in Europe and is now entering the Danish market. Penta Infra’s high level of professionalism and proven track record of state-of-the-art data centers are among the reasons why Sentia has decided to join the strategic partnership.

Sentia is a leading company in the field of business-critical Managed Hybrid Cloud Services in North-West Europe. The fast-growing company designs, builds and manages complex business-critical application landscapes in the (public) cloud to allow its customers to “gain a leading position in their markets”?. From its offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark, Sentia offers outsourcing services to organizations and institutions that have particularly high demands when it comes to the availability, performance, stability and security of systems and data. Through its own Landing Zone solution, Sentia provides services such as Managed Application Continuity (MAC) and Managed Platform (MP), both on its own Sentia Cloud and the Public Cloud. With its Consulting division, Sentia supports customers with the implementation of a cloud first strategy. As a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP and Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services, Sentia is “leading the way”?.

The Moalem Weitemeyer team included Dan Moalem (Picture), Pernille Nørkær, Frantz Sigersted-Rasmussen, Rasmus Juel Schiøtt, Poul Guo, Jep Becher Jensen, Sarah Veje Rasmussen, Martin Søndergaard Olesen, Joakim Holdt, Rasmus Klosterskov Amby and Ming Duong.

The Plesner team comprised of Michael Hur Bertelsen, Mathias Nygaard Grav and Mia Cecilie Johansson.

Involved fees earner: Jep Becher Jensen – Moalem Weitemeyer; Ming Duong – Moalem Weitemeyer; Poul Guo – Moalem Weitemeyer; Joakim Holdt – Moalem Weitemeyer; Dan Moalem – Moalem Weitemeyer; Pernille Nørkær – Moalem Weitemeyer; Rasmus Juel Schiøtt – Moalem Weitemeyer; Frantz Sigersted-Rasmussen – Moalem Weitemeyer; Martin Søndergaard Olesen – Moalem Weitemeyer; Sarah Veje Rasmussen – Moalem Weitemeyer; Mads Tolbøll Milbregt – Plesner; Thomas Pitzner-Jørgensen – Plesner; Henrik Rossing Lønberg – Plesner;

Law Firms: Moalem Weitemeyer; Plesner;

Clients: Penta Infra; Sentia Denmark A/S;

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler