PEAC Finance Europe’s Acquisition of AABL

White & Case LLP advised PEAC (Germany) GmbH (PEAC Finance Europe) on the deal, while Noerr advised LVM Landwirtschaftlicher Versicherungsverein Münster a.G., Augsburger Aktienbank AG and AAB Leasing GmbH.

PEAC (Germany) GmbH (PEAC Finance Europe) executed the acquisition of the business of AAB Leasing GmbH (AABL), a subsidiary of Augsburger Aktienbank Aktiengesellschaft and LVM Landwirtschaftlicher Versicherungsverein Muenster a.G.

AABL is an equipment leasing company with nine branches across Germany, more than 8,000 SME customers and total assets of approximately €700 million. The completion of the transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to occur in the third quarter of 2021. The purchase price has not been disclosed.

PEAC Finance Europe operates a pan-European leasing business with €1.8 billion of total assets and is a portfolio company of investment funds managed by HPS Investment Partners, LLC (HPS). HPS is a leading global investment firm with approximately US$68 billion in assets under management as of January 2021.

The White & Case team which advised PEAC on the transaction was led by local partner Sebastian Pitz (Frankfurt; Picture) and partner Stefan Bressler (Frankfurt and Hamburg) and included partners Andreas Lischka, Roger Kiem, Jost Kotthoff and Bodo Bender (all Frankfurt) and Hendrik Roeger and Justus Herrlinger (both Hamburg), local partners Sebastian Stuetze (Hamburg) and Tim Bracksiek (Frankfurt) and associates Agmal Bahrami, Marianna Frenkel, Patrick Schoelles, Mathias Bogusch, Anna Dold and Thies Schmitte (all Frankfurt) and Kristin Brueggert and Louisa Arlette Maier-Witt (both Hamburg).

The Noerr team was led by Dr Hans Radau and Dominik Rompza and further included Prof. Kai-Michael Hingst, Dr Karl-Alexander Neumann, Arndt Alexander Schmidt, Dr Thomas Heitzer, Dr Lisa Haseloff, Dr Armin Bartsch, Dr Laurenz Tholen, Silvia Sparfeld, Christian Burmeister, Daniel Fuchs, Fabian Krüger, Francesc Lloveras, Konrad Fichter, Tobias Flatt, Aramis Josef, Dr Nicholas R. Palenker, Marc Philip Priesmeyer, Moritz Rojek, Nicholas Schlüter, Nils Elias Wilfert, Lukas Zöllner, Dr Manuel Weiß, Vanessa Wüsthoff, Dr Stefan Schwab, Dr Patrick Mückl, Tabea Gutmann, Dr Mario Merget, Yvonne Dietzel, Angelika Schmid, Pascal Schumacher, Dr Lennart Sydow, Henrike von dem Berge, Max von Schönfeld, Dr Torsten Kraul, Stephan Schulz, Stephanie Otte, Moritz Rojek, Sebastian Bock, Dr Nikolai Warneke, Dr Martin Kleinschmitt, Patrick Geist, Dr Carsten Heinz, Dr Martin Haisch (both Munich), Michael Tommaso, Dr Florian-Felix Marquardt, Susanne Carolin Sopart, Dr Dorothee Prosteder, Simone Schönen, Philippa Pauline Peters, Maximilian Schulte and Peter Stauber.

Involved fees earner: Armin Bartsch – Noerr; Henrike von dem Berge – Noerr; Sebastian Bock – Noerr; Christian Burmeister – Noerr; Yvonne Dietzel – Noerr; Daniel Fuchs – Noerr; Patrick Geist – Noerr; Tabea Gutmann – Noerr; Martin Haisch – Noerr; Lisa Haseloff – Noerr; Carsten Heinz – Noerr; Thomas Heitzer – Noerr; Kai-Michael Hingst – Noerr; Martin Kleinschmitt – Noerr; Torsten Kraul – Noerr; Fabian Krüger – Noerr; Florian-Felix Marquardt – Noerr; Patrick Mückl – Noerr; Karl-Alexander Neumann – Noerr; Stephanie Otte – Noerr; Nicholas Palenker – Noerr; Philippa Peters – Noerr; Marc Philip Priesmeyer – Noerr; Dorothee Prosteder – Noerr; Hans Radau – Noerr; Moritz Rojek – Noerr; Dominik Rompza – Noerr; Angelika Schmid – Noerr; Arndt Alexander Schmidt – Noerr; Simone Schönen – Noerr; Maximilian Schulte – Noerr; Stephan Schulz – Noerr; Pascal Schumacher – Noerr; Stefan Schwab – Noerr; Silvia Sparfeld – Noerr; Peter Stauber – Noerr; Lennart Sydow – Noerr; Laurenz Tholen – Noerr; Michael Tommaso – Noerr; Nikolai Warneke – Noerr; Manuel Weiß – Noerr; Nils Elias Wilfert – Noerr; Vanessa Wüsthoff – Noerr; Lukas Zöllner – Noerr; Agmal Bahrami – White & Case; Bodo Bender – White & Case; Mathias Bogusch – White & Case; Tim Bracksiek – White & Case; Stefan Bressler – White & Case; Kristin Brüggert – White & Case; Anna Dold – White & Case; Marianna Frenkel – White & Case; Justus Herrlinger – White & Case; Roger Kiem – White & Case; Jost Kotthoff – White & Case; Andreas Lischka – White & Case; Louisa Arlette Maier-Witt – White & Case; Sebastian Pitz – White & Case; Hendrik Röger – White & Case; Thies Schmitte – White & Case; Patrick Schölles – White & Case; Sebastian Stütze – White & Case;

Law Firms: Noerr; White & Case;

Clients: AAB Leasing GmbH; Augsburger Aktienbank AG; LVM Versicherung; PEAC (Germany) GmbH;