One Rock Capital Partners’ $214.5 Million Acquisition of the Engineered Components & Systems Segment From Actuant Corporation

Debevoise & Plimpton, Machado Meyer and Von Wobeser y Sierra advised on the deal

One Rock Capital Partners, LLC has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Engineered Components & Systems segment (excluding Cortland U.S.) from Actuant Corporation.

The transaction is expected to close during the fourth quarter of 2019.

Headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, Engineered Components & Systems is a global company serving the agriculture, specialty and commercial vehicle, construction and other industrial end-markets with motion, actuation and control solutions. EC&S primarily serves on and off-highway OEMs with highly engineered system-critical motion, actuation and control solutions under brands that include CrossControl, Maximatecc, Elliott Manufacturing, Gits Manufacturing, Power-Packer and Weasler Engineering. The Company has 13 manufacturing facilities and six engineering centers, with approximately 190 engineers in multiple geographies. EC&S sells its products to numerous end-markets internationally.

One Rock makes controlling investments in companies with potential for growth and operational improvement using a rigorous approach that utilizes highly experienced Operating Partners to identify, acquire and enhance businesses in select industries.

Debevoise & Plimpton advised One Rock Capital Partners, LLC with Michael A. Diz (Picture), Michael Bolotin, Henry Lebowitz, Jonathan F. Lewis, Sunil W. Savkar, Kyra K Bromley, Erich O. Grosz, Stuart Hammer, Katarina Molnarova, Philippe Tengelmann, Tingting Wu, David E. Deutsch, Christian Frazier, James L. Harrington, Emily F. Huang, Anne-Mette Heemsoth, Ashtyn T.S. Ka, Rosanne Lariven, John Love, Andrea Pomana, David R. Rock, Sebastian P. Ruiz, Jan Schoberwalter, Helen Tang, Alana Walker and Melody D. Godbolt.

In Brazil, Machado Meyer advised One Rock Capital Partners, LLC with Elie Sherique, Guilherme Bueno Malouf, Luiz Fernando Faia Mascaro and Murilo Bertoldi Filho.

In Mexico, Von Wobeser y Sierra advised One Rock Capital Partners, LLC with Andrés Nieto, Luis Miguel Jiménez, Diego Sierra, Edmond Grieger, Rodolfo Trampe, Santiago Barraza López, Lourdes Salazar, Alix Trimmer, Roberto Flores, Juan Francisco Barrera and Rebeca Márquez.

Involved fees earner: Michael Bolotin – Debevoise & Plimpton; Kyra Bromley – Debevoise & Plimpton; David Deutsch – Debevoise & Plimpton; Michael Diz – Debevoise & Plimpton; Christian Frazier – Debevoise & Plimpton; Erich Grosz – Debevoise & Plimpton; Stuart Hammer – Debevoise & Plimpton; James Harrington – Debevoise & Plimpton; Anne-Mette Heemsoth – Debevoise & Plimpton; Emily F. Huang – Debevoise & Plimpton; Rosanne Lariven – Debevoise & Plimpton; Henry Lebowitz – Debevoise & Plimpton; Jonathan Lewis – Debevoise & Plimpton; John Love – Debevoise & Plimpton; Katarina Molnarova – Debevoise & Plimpton; Andrea Pomana – Debevoise & Plimpton; David Rock – Debevoise & Plimpton; P. Sebastian Ruiz – Debevoise & Plimpton; Sunil Savkar – Debevoise & Plimpton; Jan Schoberwalter – Debevoise & Plimpton; Alana Simone Walker – Debevoise & Plimpton; Ashtyn Ka – Debevoise & Plimpton; Helen Tang – Debevoise & Plimpton; Philippe Tengelmann – Debevoise & Plimpton; Tingting Wu – Debevoise & Plimpton; Murilo Bertoldi – Machado Meyer Advogados; Guilherme Bueno Malouf – Machado Meyer Advogados; Luiz Fernando Faia Mascaro – Machado Meyer Advogados; Elie Sherique – Machado Meyer Advogados; Santiago Barraza – Von Wobeser y Sierra SC; Juan Francisco Barrera – Von Wobeser y Sierra SC; María de Lourdes Salazar y Vera – Von Wobeser y Sierra SC; Roberto Flores – Von Wobeser y Sierra SC; Edmond Frederic Grieger – Von Wobeser y Sierra SC; Luis Miguel Jiménez – Von Wobeser y Sierra SC; Rebeca Márquez – Von Wobeser y Sierra SC; Andrés Nieto Sánchez de Tagle – Von Wobeser y Sierra SC; Diego Sierra – Von Wobeser y Sierra SC; Rodolfo Trampe – Von Wobeser y Sierra SC; Alix Trimmer – Von Wobeser y Sierra SC;

Law Firms: Debevoise & Plimpton; Machado Meyer Advogados; Von Wobeser y Sierra SC;

Clients: One Rock Capital Partners;

Author: Ambrogio Visconti