Norsk Gjenvinning’s Acquisition of Mirec Recycling Solutions AB

Vinge advised the Norsk Gjenvinning Group.

Norsk Gjenvinning Group announced its acquisition of MIREC Recycling Solutions AB, a Swedish leading player within recycling and reuse of electrical equipment (EE waste).

The acquisition is in line with the Norsk Gjenvinning Group’s strategy to strengthen its presence in the Nordic region, as well as establish a leading position in the market segment for EE waste.

The Norsk Gjenvinning Group is Norway’s leading environmental services provider. They offer a wide range of sustainable waste management and recycling solutions, working with businesses, industry and local authorities across the country.  

The Vinge team consisted of Christina Kokko (Picture), Hannah Kajlinger and Gustav Persson (M&A), Johan Cederblad and Lina Österberg (Environment), Lisa Hörnqvist (Commercial agreements), Carl Östlund (Employment), Sebastian Örndahl (Competition), Ulf Pyk (Real Estate), and Klara Lundquist (VDR-assistant).

Involved fees earner: Johan Cederblad – Vinge; Lisa Hörnqvist – Vinge; Hannah Kajlinger – Vinge; Christina Kokko – Vinge; Sebastian Örndahl – Vinge; Lina Österberg – Vinge; Carl Östlund – Vinge; Gustav Persson – Vinge; Ulf Pyk – Vinge;

Law Firms: Vinge;

Clients: Norsk Gjenvinning;

Federica Tiefenthaler

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler