Nexans and Votorantim CBA’s Agreement to produce aluminium wire rod in Brazil

Thomaz Bastos, Waisberg, Kurzweil and Demarest advised on the deal

The Brazilian division of the French cablemaker Nexans has entered into an agreement with Votorantim’s CBA to produce aluminium wire rods in Brazil. Nexans Brasil will operate and manage the rod production at CBA’s plant in Alumínio, in Brazil’s southeastern state of São Paulo. In turn, CBA will supply Nexans Brasil with molten aluminium.

Nexans Brasil S.A. is engaged in the manufacture, purchase, sale, installation, import, and export of cables and cabling solutions. The company is based in Sao Paulo.

Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio S.A. produces and sells aluminum products in Brazil. The company, led by Martins Antonio Bertoncini, Luis Jorge Pinheiro Leal Nunes and Arlene Vasconcelos Heiderich Domingues, is based in Sao Paulo.

Demarest advised with Claudio Mattos (Picture), Claudia Maluf, Ana Paula P. Schedel, Fernando Vargas, Henrique Anders, Elisa Athaide and Flávia Vidigal.

Thomaz Bastos, Waisberg, Kurzweil Advogados advised the two companies with the authorization process at Brazilian Antitrust Authority with a team including Ivo Waisberg, Stefan Lourenço de Lima and Rafael Maziteli Trindade Teodoro.

Involved fees earner: Ivo Waisberg – Thomaz Bastos, Waisberg, Kurzweil; Stefan Lourenço de Lima – Thomaz Bastos, Waisberg, Kurzweil; Rafael Maziteli Trindade Teodoro – Thomaz Bastos, Waisberg, Kurzweil; Fernando Fracari Vargas – Demarest; Cláudio Oliveira Mattos – Demarest; Ana Paula Pinheiro Schedel – Demarest; Claudia Liguori Affonso Maluf – Demarest; Henrique Rodrigues Anders – Demarest; Flávia Bahia Vidigal – Demarest; Elisa Athaide de Andrade – Demarest;

Law Firms: Thomaz Bastos, Waisberg, Kurzweil; Demarest;

Clients: Nexans Brasil S.A.; Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio S.A. ;


Author: Ambrogio Visconti.