Neoelectra’s Acquisition of 51% stake in Energika

Labbé Abogados, Justiniano y Mujica and C&F advised on the deal

Neoelectra executed the acquisition of 51% stake in Energika.

Neoelectra Energia SL provides energy solutions. The Company offers electricity, heat, steam, water, and energy back-up services. Neoelectra Energia serves customers in Spain and Chile.

Labbé advised Neoelectra with Alberto Labbé Valverde (Picture) Juan Paulo Ovalle Irarrázaval and Juan Ignacio Gil.

Justiniano y Mujica advised Energika S.A. with Francisco Mujica, Raimundo Justiniano Silva, Gonzalo Arriagada Silva and Lorenzo Vial.

C&F advised Energika S.A. with Jorge Ffrench-Davis Salvadores and Rodrigo Charlín Mackenna.

Involved fees earner: Rodrigo Charlín Mackenna – C&F – Charlín & Ffrench-Davis Abogados; Jorge Ffrench-Davis Salvadores – C&F – Charlín & Ffrench-Davis Abogados; Gonzalo Arriagada Silva – Justiniano y Mujica; Francisco Mujica – Justiniano y Mujica; Raimundo Justiniano Silva – Justiniano y Mujica; Lorenzo José Vial Prado – Justiniano y Mujica; Juan Ignacio Gil – Labbé Ovalle Guglielmetti Abogados; Alberto Labbé Valverde – Labbé Ovalle Guglielmetti Abogados; Juan Paulo Ovalle Irarrázaval – Labbé Ovalle Guglielmetti Abogados;

Law Firms: C&F – Charlín & Ffrench-Davis Abogados; Justiniano y Mujica; Labbé Ovalle Guglielmetti Abogados;

Clients: Energika SAS; Neoelectra S.A. ;

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Author: Ambrogio Visconti.