Mesoamerica’s Acquisition of 75% stakes in Heladerías Savory

Carey and Albagli Zaliasnik Attorneys advised on the deal

Mesoamerica, a Latin American leader in private equity, continues with its investment plan for the region by finalizing the acquisition of 75% of Heladerías Savory in Chile. The acquisition is the result of a three-way development between Heladerías Savory‘s former owners, Nestlé, and Mesoamerica.

For Mesoamerica, the asset is strategic since it allows it to scale and solidify its footprint in the fast food restaurant industry in Chile and the region. On December 16, 2016, Mesoamerica realized its first investment in Chile by acquiring 75% of Unifood, and is acquiring the same share in Heladerías Savory a year after with the agreement. This has allowed Mesoamerica and Unifood to strengthen their alliance and positioning in the Chilean fast food market, adding up to a total of over 260 points of sale in the country.

Mesoamerica also has investments in restaurants in Colombia, where it operates Oma, a coffee chain, Presto, the first local hamburger chain, and Tacos BarBQ, making it the market leader by points of sale with over 450.

Mesoamerica seeks to participate as an ally of business groups, with the purpose of generating consciousness and prosperity in society. Unifood, with its partners and management team, is a platform highly recognized for its ability to innovate and grow, as demonstrated by the successful launch of Fuente Nicanor. Mesoamerica believes in their joint effort to continue scaling Unifood’s business and to generate a positive impact in Latin America.

Mesoamerica is a private equity firm with offices in Costa Rica, Colombia, and Panamá. The firm invests in industries in process of transformation in Latin America, focused in the Pacific Alliance countries. Since 1996, Mesoamerica has invested in various industries, including telecommunications, cable TV, foodservice, consumer products, construction, renewable energy, and BPO, among others. Committed to the region’s development, Mesoamerica considers the Conscious Capitalism philosophy as a key element within its investment strategies.

Mesoamerica has invested in fast food restaurants since 2011, when it acquired the Colombian coffee chain Oma, and subsequently the hamburger chain Presto and tex-mex concept Tacos BarBQ in 2012. Mesofoods was then created to operate all 3 brands, and it is currently the market leader in points of sale with over 450 in over 30 cities in Colombia.

Carey advised Mesoamerica with Francisco Ugarte (Picture), Alejandra Daroch, Pamela Morales, Manuel José Barros, Tomás Varela, Felipe Astaburuaga and Bernardita Larraín.

Albagli Zaliasnik Attorneys advised the selling shareholders of Heladerías Savory with Rodrigo Albagli, Álvaro Rosenblut and Arie Misraji.

Involved fees earner: Rodrigo Albagli – Albagli Zaliasnik; Alvaro Rosenblut – Albagli Zaliasnik; Arie Misraji – Albagli Zaliasnik; Francisco Ugarte – Carey; Alejandra Daroch – Carey; Pamela Morales – Carey; Felipe Astaburuaga – Carey; Tomas Varela – Carey; Manuel José Barros – Carey; Bernardita Larraín – Carey;

Law Firms: Albagli Zaliasnik; Carey;

Clients: Mesoamerica; Heladerías Savory;


Author: Ambrogio Visconti.