Melexis’ Private Placement via ABB

Deloitte Legal assisted Melexis NV, its subsidiary Melexis Technologies NV and its parent Xtrion NV.

Melexis NV (“Melexis”), a global microelectronics engineering company, Melexis Technologies NV (“Melexis Technologies”) and Xtrion NV (“Xtrion”), a holding company and majority shareholder of Melexis (jointly referred to as the “sellers”), have successfully completed the private placement of 1,790,539 existing shares – c. 4.43 % of the capital – of Melexis (the “shares”).

Following the sale, Xtrion will remain Melexis’ majority shareholder (50% + 1 share). It is Xtrion’s intention and vision to retain a controlling stake in Melexis’ share capital for the foreseeable future.

The shares have been placed at a price of 88.50 EUR per share.

The Deloitte Legal team was led by David Roelens (Photo) and Emmanuel Leroux, and comprised team members Sophie Wyckmans and Henri-Simon Vande Vyver.


Involved fees earner: Emmanuel Leroux – Deloitte Tax & Legal; David Roelens – Deloitte Tax & Legal; Henri-Simon Vande Vyver – Deloitte Tax & Legal; Sophie Wyckmans – Deloitte Tax & Legal;

Law Firms: Deloitte Tax & Legal;

Clients: Melexis NV; Melexis Technologies NV; Xtrion NV;

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Federica Tiefenthaler

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler