Longreef Investments A.V.V. v. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Baker McKenzie and Hogan Lovells advised on the dispute

Claims arising out of the Government’s nationalization of Compañia Anónima Café Fama de América, a 120-year old coffee company in which the claimant had invested.

ICSID issued a lodo in favour of Longreef Investments AVV and ordered to Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to pay $42 Million for the expropriation of Compañia Anónima Café Fama de América.

Baker McKenzie advised Longreef Investments A.V.V.  with Grant Hanessian (Picture), Derek Soller, Eugenio Hernández-Bretón, María Eugenia Salazar and Héctor Martínez.

Hogan Lovells advised Republic of Venezuela with Thomas Kendra, Luis Bottaro, Laurent Gouiffès, Gonzalo Rodríguez-Matos,  Melissa Ordonez and Carlos Rodríguez.

Professionisti coinvolti: Thomas Kendra – Hogan Lovells; Laurent Gouiffès – Hogan Lovells; Gonzalo Rodriguez-Matos – Hogan Lovells; Melissa Ordonez – Hogan Lovells; Carlos Rodríguez – Hogan Lovells; Luis Bottaro – Hogan Lovells; Grant Hanessian – Baker & McKenzie; Derek Soller – Baker & McKenzie; Eugenio Hernández-Bretón – Baker & McKenzie; María Eugenia Salazar Furiati – Baker & McKenzie; Héctor Granados-Hernández – Baker & McKenzie;

Studi legali: Hogan Lovells; Baker & McKenzie;

Clienti: Republic of Venezuela; Longreef Investments AVV;



Author: Ambrogio Visconti.