Lille Oslo Eiendom’s Acquisition of 117 Rental Apartments in Burlöv

Setterwalls has assisted Lille Oslo Eiendom in this transaction.

Lille Oslo Eiendom announced the acquisition of 117 rental apartments from Scandinavian Property Group. The apartments are located in Burlöv outside of Malmö. The transaction was carried out as an acquisition of the shares in the property owning company. Agreed property value amounts to 285 million SEK.

Since 2014, Scandinavian Property Group have developed a large number of housing units in Kronetorpstaden in Burlöv. The work with the construction of the block that Lille Oslo Eiendom have acquired will be finalized during March 2021, after which the closing of the transaction will take place. The building has been granted investment subsidies for rental housing, ensuring that the apartments are constructed with high requirements on the apartments’ energy efficiency.

Lille Oslo Eiendom was founded in 2005 and currently manages approx. 700 apartments in Oslo and Trondheim. The acquisition of the Kronetorp project is the company’s first acquisition in Sweden and the company is planning to continue its growth in the Malmö area.

The Setterwalls team included Anders Frick (Picture), Tim Nellfors, Christopher Wessberg Clason.

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