Liberty Mutual Insurance’s Acquisition of 18.793 hectare of forest in Brazil

Pinheiro Neto and Demarest advised on the deal

Liberty Mutual Insurance, Through its Brazilian sbusidiary Santa Marta Floresta Brasil, finalized the acquisition of hectares 18.793 of Teak forest in Santa Maria das Barreiras department in Brasil from Sustainable Teak Participações Ltda.

Sustainable Teak Participações Ltda., managed by Harvard Management Company, engages in Sustainable Development of natural resources.

Pinheiro Neto advised Liberty Mutual Insurance with Ricardo Coelho (Picture), Luciano Rossi, Emir Oliveira, Marcos Saldanha Proença, Laura Castello Branco, Fábio Rocha Pinto e Silva, Marcella Loureiro Oliveira Duffles Amarante, Guilherme de Toledo Piza and Lucas Augusto Rogozyk.

Demarest advised Sustainable Teak Participações Ltda. with José Setti Diaz, Catarina Rodrigues, Bruna Toledo Pacheco, Marise Hosomi Spitzeck and Chrystiane M. Ferreira Domingos.

Involved fees earner: José Setti Diaz – Demarest; Bruna Toledo Pacheco – Demarest; Catarina Rosa Rodrigues – Demarest; Marise Hosomi Spitzeck – Demarest; Chrystiane Ferreira Domingos – Demarest; Ricardo Vieira Coelho – Pinheiro Neto; Marcos Saldanha Proenca – Pinheiro Neto; Luciano Garcia Rossi – Pinheiro Neto; Emir Nunes de Oliveira Neto – Pinheiro Neto; Laura Castello Branco R Araujo – Pinheiro Neto;

Law Firms: Demarest; Pinheiro Neto;

Clients: Liberty Mutual Group, Inc.; Sustainable Teak Participações Ltda.;

Author: Ambrogio Visconti.