Lacoste Operations’s Acquisition of 50% interest in Camoral

Beccar Varela, Veirano , Carey, Pérez-Llorca, González & Ferraro Mila, Demarest, Claro & Cia. and Guyer & Regules advised on the deal

Lacoste announced the purchase of 50% of shares in the joint venture that it established with the Argentine capital company Camoral S.A.

The French holding company will take full control of operations in five countries in the region.

Lacoste and Camoral S.A. started their association in 2006.

The objective was to develop the business of the French brand in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay, as well as in the travel retail sector of the South American region.

Lacoste Operations manufactures apparels. The Company offers knitted clothing, shirts, casual and sports wear, t-shirts, and accessories such as footwear, perfume, and leather goods for men, women, and children.

In Argentina, Beccar Varela advised Lacoste with Emilio Beccar Varela (Picture), Carolina Serra and Milagros Quintana

In Brazil, Veirano advised Lacoste with Bruno Sousa, Caroline Mollica, Ana Carolina Zattar and Alexandre Turqueto.

In Chile, Carey advised Lacoste with Claudio Lizana, Camila Mandiola and Alejandra Ferreiro.

In Spain, Pérez-Llorca advised Camoral S.A. with Guillermina Ester, Fernando Mingo, Rafael Díaz and María Luisa Muñoz.

González & Ferraro Mila advised Camoral S.A. with Pablo Di Iorio and Ignacio Acedo.

In Brazil, Demarest advised Camoral S.A. with José Diaz, Celso Xavier, Paola Pugliese, Beatriz Buchaim, Paula Salles and Julia Schulz.

In Chile, Claro & Cia. advised Camoral S.A. with Felipe Larraín.

In Uruguay Guyer & Regules advised Camoral S.A. with Florencia Castagnola, Guzmán Rodríguez and José María Nicola.

Involved fees earner: Pablo Di Iorio – Gonzalez & Ferraro Mila; Ignacio Acedo – Gonzalez & Ferraro Mila; Florencia Castagnola – Guyer & Regules; Guzmán Rodríguez Carrau – Guyer & Regules; José María Nicola – Guyer & Regules; Emilio Beccar Varela – Estudio Beccar Varela; Carolina Serra – Estudio Beccar Varela; Milagros Quintana – Estudio Beccar Varela; Claudio Lizana – Carey; Camila Mandiola – Carey; Alejandra Ferreiro – Carey; José Setti Diaz – Demarest; Beatriz de S. Nogueira Buchaim – Demarest; Celso Caldas Martins Xavier – Demarest; Paola Pugliese – Demarest; Paula Salles – Demarest; Julia Schulz Rotenberg – Demarest; Guillermina Ester – Perez-Llorca; Fernando Mingo – Perez-Llorca; Rafael Díaz – Perez-Llorca; María Luisa Muñoz Saldaña – Perez-Llorca; Bruno Ramos de Sousa – Veirano Advogados; Caroline Mollica – Veirano Advogados; Ana Carolina Zattar – Veirano Advogados; Alexandre Camargo Turqueto – Veirano Advogados; Felipe Larraín – Claro y Cia;

Law Firms: Gonzalez & Ferraro Mila; Guyer & Regules; Estudio Beccar Varela; Carey; Demarest; Perez-Llorca; Veirano Advogados; Claro y Cia;

Clients: Lacoste S.A.; Camoral S.A.;

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Author: Ambrogio Visconti.