Klöpfer & Königer Management GmbH’s Transfer Of Operations To Hermann and Florian Wendelstadt

Hogan Lovells advised Klöpfer & Königer on the deal.

Klöpfer & Königer Management GmbH transferred the operations of Klöpfer Holzhandel to Hermann and Florian Wendelstadt. The Wendelstadt brothers are the great-great-grandchildren of Johann Christian Klöpfer, who founded the company 150 years ago.

Even after the change of the shareholders, Klöpferholz will remain in the hands of the fifth generation of the family. The contact persons and management team will also remain unchanged. 

The new owners of the Klöpferholz Group with its more than 700 employees will acquire 100 percent of the company as well as the associated logistics real estate. 

The Klöpfer Group supplies more than 30,000 craftsmen throughout Germany as well as manufacturers of prefabricated houses, construction groups, prefabrication plants and timber merchants. The business unit Klöpferholz GmbH & Co. KG is one of Germany’s leading timber merchants with annual sales of over €289 million and 20 locations.

Hogan Lovells Team for Klöpfer & Königer Management GmbH included Dr Andreas H. Meyer (Picture – Partner), Daniel Schwiete (Associate) (both Corporate/Transactional); Dr Dirk Debald (Partner), Dr Norbert Heier (Partner), Dr Ina Hoppach, André Lohde (Senior Associates), Katrin Pilgram (Associate) (all Real Estate, Hamburg); Dr Eckard Schwarz (Partner), Dr Fabian Ernst (Senior Associate), Dr Peter Körlings (Associate) (all Employment, Hamburg); Dr Morten Petersenn (Partner), Dr Christian Tinnefeld (Partner) (both Intellectual Property, Hamburg); Dr Ingmar Dörr (Partner, Tax, Munich); Bernd Klemm (Partner), Dr Thomas Frank (Senior Associate) (both Pensions, Munich).

Involved fees earner: Dirk Debald – Hogan Lovells; Ingmar Dorr – Hogan Lovells; Fabian Ernst – Hogan Lovells; Thomas Frank – Hogan Lovells; Norbert Heier – Hogan Lovells; Ina Hoppach – Hogan Lovells; Bernd Klemm – Hogan Lovells; Peter Körlings – Hogan Lovells; André Lohde – Hogan Lovells; Andreas Meyer – Hogan Lovells; Morten Petersenn – Hogan Lovells; Katrin Pilgram – Hogan Lovells; Eckard Schwarz – Hogan Lovells; Daniel Schwiete – Hogan Lovells; Christian Tinnefeld – Hogan Lovells;

Law Firms: Hogan Lovells;

Clients: Klöpfer & Königer Group;

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler