Keensight Capital’s Majority Investment in Symeres

NautaDutilh advised Keensight Capital on the deal. Loyens & Loeff advised Gilde Healthcare’s Private Equity.

Keensight Capital completed its second direct investment in the Netherlands, being a majority investment in Symeres, a leading European drug discovery Contract Research Organization (CRO) and Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO).

Symeres is headquartered in the Netherlands, employs over 500 people, many of whom are PhD scientists, operating over six sites spread across the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Finland and Sweden, along with a business development office in the USA. Management will invest alongside Keensight Capital.

The NautaDutilh team consists of Joost den Engelsman (Photo), Sybren de Beurs, Olaf Baks, Quirine van Maanen and Frans Ruijs (Private Equity); Thiemo Kerklaan (Corporate), David Vietor, Jinne van Belle, Eefke Janssen (Finance); Sanne Mesu and Mike Koudenburg (Notarial); Daniel Kuiper and Arjan Koorevaar (Employment); Joost Kloosterman (W&I); Edward Rijnhout and Sjuul Jentjens (Tax), Sasha van Gelder (Insurance), Anne Marie Verschuur and Michelle Slimmen (IP), Terrence Dom and Burcu Yapici (Privacy), Tom de Clerck (Litigation) Eva Reinders and Cyril Christiaans (IT), Ramon Pop (Real Estate), David Wumkes and Maureen van der Wal (Real Estate Notarial), Jolize Lautenbach and Else Bavinck (Regulatory), Mariska Kamta (Due diligence).

The Loyens & Loeff team included Lara Haanraadts, Anne Remmers, Louis Lutz and Sandrine Lekkerkerker.

Involved fees earner: Lara Haanraadts – Loyens & Loeff; Sandrine Lekkerkerker – Loyens & Loeff; Louis Lutz – Loyens & Loeff; Anne Remmers – Loyens & Loeff; Olaf Baks – NautaDutilh; Else Bavinck – NautaDutilh; Cyril Christiaans – NautaDutilh; Sybren de Beurs – NautaDutilh; Tom de Clerck – NautaDutilh; Joost den Engelsman – NautaDutilh; Terrence Dom – NautaDutilh; Eefke Janssen – NautaDutilh; Sjuul Jentjens – NautaDutilh; Thiemo Kerklaan – NautaDutilh; Joost Kloosterman – NautaDutilh; Arjan Koorevaar – NautaDutilh; Mike Koudenburg – NautaDutilh; Daniel Kuiper – NautaDutilh; Jolize Lautenbach – NautaDutilh; Sanne Mesu – NautaDutilh; Ramon Pop – NautaDutilh; Mariska Ramdhani-Kamta – NautaDutilh; Eva Reinders – NautaDutilh; Edward Rijnhout – NautaDutilh; Frans Ruijs – NautaDutilh; Michelle Slimmen – NautaDutilh; Jinne van Belle – NautaDutilh; Maureen van der Wal – NautaDutilh; Sasha van Gelder – NautaDutilh; Anne Marie Verschuur – NautaDutilh; David Viëtor – NautaDutilh; David Wumkes – NautaDutilh; Burcu Yapici – NautaDutilh;

Law Firms: Loyens & Loeff; NautaDutilh;

Clients: Gilde Healthcare; Keensight Capital;

Federica Tiefenthaler

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler