Heico’s Acquisition of Astro Tecnologia

Pinheiro Neto advised on the deal

The Heico Companies, LLC, the parent holding company for a diversified portfolio of more than 37 businesses involved in manufacturing, construction and industrial services, including Ancra International, Ancra Systems B.V., Kinedyne, S-Line and Wistra, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Astro Tecnologia. Astro Tecnologia is one of Brazil’s leading manufacturers of cargo securement systems, webbing, lifting slings and supplemental decking equipment. The company also produces thermal bulkhead structures that enable the contents of refrigerated trailers to be more accurately segregated based on their storage temperature requirements.

Since its inception in 1998, Astro Tecnologia has experienced significant growth, most recently spurred by Brazil’s adoption and enforcement of strict new load securement regulations. Headquartered in the industrial district of Cachoeirinha, Brazil, the company’s manufacturing facility weaves polyester webbing, produces a full complement of standard and custom designed cargo securement applications, web slings and round slings, and has an in-house quality control lab and load capacity testing equipment.

Known in Brazil as an industry innovator, Astro Tecnologia has also developed highly advanced automated manufacturing equipment that Heico will use to bolster efficiencies throughout its global manufacturing operations. The company’s proprietary technology also makes short-run custom webbing and hardware configuration more practical and cost-effective.

Pinheiro Neto advised Heico Companies, LLC with José Carlos Junqueira Meirelles (Picture), André Vertullo and Lawson Miralha.

Involved fees earner: Jose Carlos Junqueira Sampaio Meirelles – Pinheiro Neto; André Vertullo Bernini – Pinheiro Neto; Lawson Miralha Marins da Silva – Pinheiro Neto;

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Author: Ambrogio Visconti.