Haya Therapeutics’ CHF 18 Million Seed Round

VISCHER advised Haya Therapeutics SA on all legal issues related to the financing round.

HAYA Therapeutics SA, a company developing precision medicines that target tissue and cell-specific long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs), announced the successful closing of its CHF 18m seed round.

The financing was led by Broadview Ventures, with participation from Apollo Health Ventures, BERNINA BioInvest, 4See Ventures, Schroder Adveq and Viva BioInnovator.

HAYA Therapeutics is a precision therapeutics company that discovers and develops innovative tissue- and cell-selective genomic medicines for fibrotic diseases and other serious health conditions associated with aging, including cancer. The company’s discovery engine focuses on long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) within the “dark matter” of the human genome — key tissue and cell-specific drivers of fibrosis and other disease processes — to identify novel targets and drug candidates with the potential for greater efficacy and safety than existing treatments. HAYA’s lead therapeutic candidate is an antisense molecule targeting Wisper, a cardiac-enriched master driver of fibrosis, which has shown in preclinical testing the ability to halt and potentially reverse the fibrotic processes underlying heart failure.

The Vischer team included Christian Wyss (Picture), Lukas Züst, Pauline Pfirter, Timothy Woodtli, Francesca Pesenti and Gian Geel Adrian.

Involved fees earner: Adrian Briner – VISCHER AG; Gian Geel – VISCHER AG; Francesca Pesenti – VISCHER AG; Pauline Pfirter – VISCHER AG; Timothy Woodtli – VISCHER AG; Christian Wyss – VISCHER AG; Lukas Züst – VISCHER AG;

Law Firms: VISCHER AG;

Clients: Haya Therapeutics SA;

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler