Gildemeister’s $544.5 Million Exchange Offer And Consent Solicitation

Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas, Hernández & Cía and De Bracamonte, Haaker, Castellares advised on the transaction

Automotores Gildemeister SpA finalized the settlement on November 7, 2019 of the exchange offer and consent solicitation for $515,250,522 7.50% Senior Secured Notes due 2021, $24,194,000 8.250% Senior Unsecured Notes due 2021 and its $5,122,000 6.750% Senior Unsecured Notes due 2023 on the terms previously announced in the offering and solicitation memorandum dated September 30, 2019.

Existing Senior Notes tendered in the Offers and Solicitation were exchanged for 7.50% New Senior Secured Notes due 2025, New Series A Warrants, and New Series B Warrants.

In addition, pursuant to the Offers and Solicitation, certain amendments to the terms and conditions of the Existing Senior Notes were adopted and became effective on the Settlement Date. The New Senior Secured Notes were distributed to participating holders through DTC. The New Warrants were distributed through an international courier service.

In total, 98.13% of the outstanding principal amount of the Existing Senior Secured Notes had been validly tendered and accepted by the Company for exchange in the Offers and Solicitation.

Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas advised Automotores Gildemeister SpA, AG Créditos SpA, Automotores Gildemeister Perú S.A., Maquinaria Nacional S.A. and MotorMundo S.A. with Ricardo Cárdenas, Mirko Médic, Valeria Sánchez and Fernando Rodríguez.

Hernández & Cía. advised the Ad Hoc Group of Automotores Gildemeister SpA bondholders with Juan Luis Hernández Gazzo, José Goyburu Vassallo and Julien Labory-Alicq.

De Bracamonte, Haaker, Castellares advised TMF Peru SRL with Christian Castellares, Juan Manuel Robles and Adrian Kohatsu.

Involved fees earner: Christian Castellares – De Bracamonte • Haaker • Castellares ; Adrian Kohatsu Kawashita – De Bracamonte • Haaker • Castellares ; Juan Manuel Robles Montoya – De Bracamonte • Haaker • Castellares ; José Goyburu – Hernández & Cía Abogados; Juan Luis Hernández – Hernández & Cía Abogados; Julien Labory-Alicq – Hernández & Cía Abogados; Ricardo Cárdenas – Rebaza Alcazar & De Las Casas Abogados Financieros; Mirko Medic – Rebaza Alcazar & De Las Casas Abogados Financieros; Fernando Rodríguez – Rebaza Alcazar & De Las Casas Abogados Financieros; Valeria Sánchez – Rebaza Alcazar & De Las Casas Abogados Financieros;

Law Firms: De Bracamonte • Haaker • Castellares ; Hernández & Cía Abogados; Rebaza Alcazar & De Las Casas Abogados Financieros;

Clients: Automotores Gildemeister Perú S.A.; Automotores Gildemeister SpA; Automotores Gildemeister SpA – Ad hoc group of Bondholders; TMF Trust Company;

Author: Ambrogio Visconti.