GETI WILBA Holding’s Acquisition Of apetito convenience AG & Co. KG

CMS advised GETI WILBA Holding on the deal. BEITEN BURKHARDT advised apetito AG.

GETI WILBA Holding, a company specialising in frozen products, has acquired the business operations of apetito convenience AG & Co. KG. The buyer is a portfolio company of equity fund CMP German Opportunity Fund III. Acquiring the convenience food firm will enable GETI WILBA to expand its role as a specialist in frozen meals. The aim going forward is to unlock the potential of new product lines and markets, and to drive product innovation.

The CMS team included Dr Eva Annett Grigoleit (Picture), Partner, Berlin, Dr Igor Stenzel, Lead Partner, Berlin, Fabian Mayer, Senior Associate, Berlin, Olena Mausolf, Legal Consultant, Berlin, all Corporate/M&A, Dr Heike Blank, Partner, Cologne, Dr Malte Grützmacher, Partner, Cologne, Simon Biermann, Senior Associate, Cologne, Martin Kilgus, Senior Associate, Hamburg, all TMC, Dr Huy Do Chi, Senior Associate, Berlin, IP, Dr Andreas Hofelich, Partner, Cologne, Labor, Employment & Pensions, Dr Tobias Polloczek, Partner, Frankfurt/Main, Dr Boris Alles, Counsel, Frankfurt/Main, Dr Justus Redeker, Associate, Frankfurt/Main, Dr Richard Lauer, Associate, Cologne, all Labor, Employment & Pensions, Dr Jens Mohrat, Partner, Berlin
Alexander Schmitt, Counsel, Berlin, both Banking, Finance & Insurance, Dr Rolf Hempel, Partner, Stuttgart, Martin Cholewa, Counsel, Stuttgart, both Competition & EU, Lars Eckhoff, Partner, Cologne
Philip Bubinger, Senior Associate, Cologne, Philipp Rohdenburg, Senior Associate, Cologne, all Commercial, Johannes Bescher, Counsel, Berlin, Real Estate, Birgit Wagner, Senior Legal Consultant, Berlin, Tagrid Chahrour, Legal Consultant, Berlin and Steven Washington, Legal Consultant, Berlin, all Smart Operations.

The BEITEN BURKHARDT team included Prof. Dr. Hans-Josef Vogel (lead partner), Nico Frielinghaus, Dr. Julia Offermanns, Markus Schönherr (all Dusseldorf, Corporate/M&A), Wolf J. Reuter (Berlin, Labour Law), Uwe Wellmann (Berlin, Antitrust), Christoph Heinrich (Munich, Anti- trust), Mathias Zimmer-Goertz, Christian Frederik Döpke (both Dusseldorf, IP/IT/Data Protection).

The Inhouse at apetito was led by Ralf Boekhoff.

Involved fees earner: Christian Frederik Döpke – Beiten Burkhardt; Nico Frielinghaus – Beiten Burkhardt; Christoph Heinrich – Beiten Burkhardt; Julia Offermanns – Beiten Burkhardt; Wolf Reuter – Beiten Burkhardt; Markus Schönherr – Beiten Burkhardt; Hans-Josef Vogel – Beiten Burkhardt; Uwe Wellmann – Beiten Burkhardt; Mathias Zimmer-Goertz – Beiten Burkhardt; Boris Alles – CMS Hasche Sigle; Johannes Bescher – CMS Hasche Sigle; Simon Biermann – CMS Hasche Sigle; Heike Blank – CMS Hasche Sigle; Philip Bubinger – CMS Hasche Sigle; Martin Cholewa – CMS Hasche Sigle; Huy Do Chi – CMS Hasche Sigle; Lars Eckhoff – CMS Hasche Sigle; Eva Annett Grigoleit – CMS Hasche Sigle; Malte Grützmacher – CMS Hasche Sigle; Rolf Hempel – CMS Hasche Sigle; Andreas Hofelich – CMS Hasche Sigle; Martin Kilgus – CMS Hasche Sigle; Richard Lauer – CMS Hasche Sigle; Fabian Mayer – CMS Hasche Sigle; Jens Mohrat – CMS Hasche Sigle; Tobias Polloczek – CMS Hasche Sigle; Justus Redeker – CMS Hasche Sigle; Philipp Rohdenburg – CMS Hasche Sigle; Alexander Schmitt – CMS Hasche Sigle; Igor Stenzel – CMS Hasche Sigle;

Law Firms: Beiten Burkhardt; CMS Hasche Sigle;

Clients: apetito AG; GETI WILBA Holding;

Author: Federica Tiefenthaler