Fosun’s joint-venture Nanjing Nangang’s acquisition of Koller Beteiligungs GmbH

Noerr has advised Fosun and its joint venture Nanjing Nangang Iron & Steel United Co. Ltd. on a strategic acquisition in Germany. Fosun and Nanjing Nangang acquired a majority stake in the automotive supplier Koller.

Fosun and its joint venture Nanjing Nangang Iron & Steel United Co. Ltd. (Nanjing Nangang) today announced it has completed the acquisition of a majority stake in Koller Beteiligungs GmbH (Koller), a German lightweight automotive specialist headquartered in Dietfurt, Germany. It is the first overseas investment for Nanjing Nangang and the first overseas industrial investment in the automotive industry for Fosun.

Koller owns production facilities in Germany, Hungary and Mexico. It produces injection molding composite parts and pressing tools, including the PUR-honeycomb sandwich panels for major European automotive companies, such as Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Land Rover. As an innovation leader, Koller is the leading solutions provider for automotive manufacturers who are looking to reduce energy consumption and pollutant emissions by reducing the weight of the car.

With support from its new major shareholder, Koller will both strengthen its market position in Europe as well as explore new production locations and expansion opportunities in China.

Nanjing Nangang Iron & Steel United Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 and is the majority shareholder in Nanjing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., which was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2000 (SH: 600282). Its main business is in industrial investment, and it also develops business platforms in the areas of environmental protection, intelligent equipment and new materials.

Fosun International Limited is a multinational company that has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00656:HK) since 2007. Founded in 1992, Fosun’s total assets exceed RMB 480 billion (c.US$70bn). With its roots in China, Fosun is dedicated to creating global ecosystems in health, happiness and wealth (insurance, hive property and investments). Through innovation and technology, Fosun’s ecosystems provide high-quality products and services for families around the world.

Noerr advised Fosun Group with Till Kosche (Picture), Andrea Zwarg (joint lead, Corporate/M&A, Frankfurt), Michael Bergmann (Antitrust, Berlin), Sebastian Voigt (Private Equity, Dresden), Mansur Pour Rafsendjani (Commercial, Munich), Bärbel Sachs (Export, Berlin), Peter Stauber (Antitrust, Berlin), Akos Bajorfi (Private Equity, Budapest), Martin Gliewe (Employment & Pensions), Dr Kathrin Hoger (Corporate/MA, both Frankfurt), Thomas Sternberg (Commercial, Munich), Dr Agnes Tompa (Corporate/M&A, Budapest), Franziska Zahoransky (Real Estate, Frankfurt), Réka Zambó (Corporate/M&A, Budapest), Dr Johannes Schäffer (Regulatory), Dr Romy Nicole Fleischer (Corporate/M&A, both Berlin) and Yifan Zhu (Corporate/M&A, Frankfurt).


Involved fees earner: Till Kosche – Noerr; Andrea Zwarg – Noerr; Sebastian Voigt – Noerr; Akos Bajorfi – Noerr; Kathrin Hoger – Noerr; Agnes Tompa – Noerr; Réka Zambó – Noerr; Romy Nicole Fleischer – Noerr; Yifan Zhu – Noerr; Michael Bergmann – Noerr; Bärbel Sachs – Noerr; Peter Stauber – Noerr; Mansur Pour Rafsendjani – Noerr; Thomas Sternberg – Noerr; Johannes Schäffer – Noerr; Martin Gliewe – Noerr; Franziska Zahoransky – Noerr;

Law Firms: Noerr;

Clients: Fosun International Limited; Nanjing Nangang Iron & Steel United Co., Ltd.;


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