FMC Corporation’s Exploitation Agreement with Catamarca Province

Allende & Brea advised on the transaction

FMC Corporation signed an  Exploitation Agreement with Catamarca Province for the expansion of Salar del Hombre Muerto’s Litio estraction project.
The company plans to invest in the project $300 Million.

FMC Corp operates as a diversified research company in the chemical industry. The Company offers technology solutions for agricultural, industrial, and consumer markets. The company, led by Pierre R Brondeau, is based in Philadelphia.

Allende & Brea advised FMC Corporation and Minera del Altiplano S.A. with a team including Juan Martín Allende (Picture), María Morena del Río, Nahila A. Cortés, Francisco Martín García Cuerva and Anabela Mengoni.

Professionisti coinvolti: Juan Martín Allende – Allende & Brea Abogados; Nahila Cortés – Allende & Brea Abogados; Francisco Martín García Cuerva – Allende & Brea Abogados; María Morena Del Río – Allende & Brea Abogados; Anabela Mengoni – Allende & Brea Abogados;

Studi legali: Allende & Brea Abogados;

Clienti: FMC Corporation;


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Author: Ambrogio Visconti.